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Who Should Write For Silver and Blue Report (Dallas Cowboys, NFL Fan Site)?

•Intelligent fans with deep knowledge and original insights about a team or topic
•Message board junkies with great information who want to share thoughts with a larger and more diverse community
•Professional journalists and columnists looking to reach a wider audience and build their personal brands in a fast-changing new media world

Reach A Massive Audience

•Writing at Silver and Blue Report is fun and addicting, and it can easily become one of the most stimulating and fulfilling pursuits in your life
Silver and Blue Report writers commonly have thousands of sports fans read their articles each month, some have readerships of many more

Very Little Heartache

•You don’t have to maintain a blog or actively build a following – we’ll do that for you
•We give you the flexibility to publish as frequently as you’d like
•All we ask is you submit high-quality pieces of original and insightful content

What We’re Looking For

•We look for the following:
•Deep knowledge and original insight about the Dallas Cowboys, specific Cowboys topic, or NFL
•Consistent and clean copy
•A real voice, ability to entertain readers
•Positive attitude and willingness to interact with readers
•An interest in working with editors to improve and take on bigger and better opportunities over time
•Non-Paid, but fantastic experience for your resume

*In order to be considered for publication, please send a sample of your writing, or the actual story you would like published, to  Your work will be reviewed in a timely manner, and our Silver and Blue Report editor will usually be back in touch with you within three to five business days.

Thanks again for your interest in having your work featured on Silver and Blue Report.





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