Dallas Cowboys: Tony Romo | How much pressure can he take?



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Dallas Cowboys: Tony Romo | How much pressure can he take
By Craig Bagby – Featured Writer Silver and Blue Report & Hook’em Report

Craig Bagby, Dallas Cowboys, Cowboys, Cowboys FootballThis may sound weird coming from a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan, but I really have a problem with all the articles I’m reading about Tony Romo this week.

First, I see analysts on Fox say that the Cowboys can win the division because Romo can help them win every game remaining on the schedule. Then oddsmakers pegged the Cowboys as a 10-point favorite on Thanksgiving against the 10-0 Carolina Panthers (who are only behind New England in Power Ranking)..

Next, it was an NFL Network analyst who weighed in saying that if the Cowboys can only beat the Panthers, then they will surely win out the rest of the season and win the NFC East. Then, Sports Illustrated moved Dallas from 28th to 16th place in the power rankings after their first win in the last 8 games.

And finally, Roger Staubach said that the Boys can beat “anybody that we play” now that Romo is back.

I believe in Romo as much as anyone, but this is insane. Everyone has put far too much pressure on one person to play flawlessly for the remainder of the season in what should be a team sport. A person coming off yet another injury. A person in his mid 30’s. A person who has been put in this situation time and time again over the course of his career. No one else has to step up – just Romo. Romo will do it and everything will be fine, because Romo.

No scathing reviews of overly conservative game plans while Romo was out. No critiques of how the defense all but disappears in the 4th quarter. No write up of how no one else, including Jason Garrett, stepped up to take on a leadership role for this team in the wake of Romo’s absence to bring this team together and muster up even a single win over a two-month span. On other teams, coaches and players alike would be worried about job security after 7 straight losses But not the Cowboys, because . . . um . . . Romo.

Nope, none of that. Just “Well, Romo’s back, so we can start talking Super Bowl again!”

I am predicting now that if Tony Romo doesn’t manage to have a perfect performance in the remaining 6 games of the season, we will once again see the myriad of Romo-as-a-choker memes and network analysts saying that Romo can’t deliver when it matters. They are putting him in a nearly impossible situation with nearly impossible expectations, and if he doesn’t meet and exceed them, he’s going to get crucified for it by the same media who is currently raising those expectations.

Like I said, I love Tony Romo and I believe that he will someday have a much deserved place in the Ring of Honor. But if the Cowboys wanted to be relevant during the 2015 NFL season, maybe someone other than Tony Romo should have nutted up, taken on a leadership role, and helped to pull out at least one or two wins in his absence. It’s not fair to put this all on his shoulders, but it’s there now. I can only hope that these unrealistic notions will come true for him because he truly deserves it.

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