VIDEO | Dallas Cowboys: Finish The Fight, #finishthefight: by Michael Irvin (Awesome)



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VIDEO | Dallas Cowboys: Finish The Fight: By Michael Irvin
By Randy Maltz – Founder/Editor Silver and Blue Report & Hook ‘em Report

MIcael Irvin, Dallas Cowboys, #Fightthefight, Fight the Fight, CowboysThis is the video that was shown just before the Dallas Cowboy took the field for the NFL game yesterday. Watching it on a laptop or cell phone may not be all that impressive, but imagine it being played at the Cowboys game – on that 60 yard long HD screen – sound pumping through that massive PA with so much bass that the stadium seems to be shaking – and 91,000+ fans rising to their feet cheering and waiving their towels. Just Awesome!  By the way, I WAS THERE!

Michael Irvin, Dallas Cowboys, #Fightthefight, Fight the Fight, Cowboys

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