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Grades | Dallas Cowboys: Nicco, Season Grades for Cowboys Players
By Nicco Martinez – Featured Silver and Blue Report & Hook ’em Report

Nicco Martinez, Jimmy Johnson, Dallas Cowboys, Texas Longhorns, Cowboys, LonghornsDuring this year’s NFL season, I have graded the Dallas Cowboys players and coaching staff, including Jason Garrett and Tony Romo, along with Jerry Jones., thru the 9th game with the Minnesota Vikings.

Basis of grades: What have they done to make their team the best in the NFL relative to their peers:

Coaching Staff:
Jason Garrett:  B-
Monte Kiffin:  C
Bill Callahan:  B-
Spec teams:  B+
Jerry Jones:  F

Relative all starters at his position:
Tony Romo:  A+
Miles Austin:  F
Jason Witten:  A
Dez Bryant:  A-
Tyron Smith:  C-
Travis Frederick:  B+
All RBs:  B-
Sean Lee:  A-
Bruce Carter:  A
DeMarcus Ware:  C+
George Selvie:  B
All other DEs:  C+
All DTs:  B
Barry Church:  B+
Other Safeties:  D
Brandon Carr:  A-
Other CBs:  C+

Simply put, Romo rarely audibles into a different formation than what Callahan sends in, but Romo often changes the routes and overall play due to what the defense is tipping and how they align. In Dallas’ four losses, Romo has 11 tds and 1 int, and a 115 QB rating! Trust me, it ain’t Romo.

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Scott November 5, 2013 at 7:51 am

bruce Carter has not been better than Sean Lee. Tyron Smith has been better than a C-.

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