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Dallas Cowboys | Cowboys Football: Compare to The Beatles?
By Craig Bagby – Featured Writer Silver and Blue Report & Hook’em Report

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Whenever you worry about the Dallas Cowboys, just think of the Beatles!
“I’ve got to admit it’s getting better .” – This song has been in my head since the beginning of training camp, and I have a feeling that it will be deep into the playoffs.

After watching the Cowboys finally beat the Giants at home on Sunday night, I figured I would have a great week of blog post reading ahead of me. Boy was I wrong. Negativity is contagious and it looks like a lot of Cowboys’ bloggers out there have caught the bug. We won, but we won ugly. We created turnovers, but that’s the only reason we scored so much. Can you believe that a rookie WR ran a wrong route in his first ever start in an NFL game with the national spotlight on him? How dare him! Good is never good enough, and a win is never a big enough win for some people.

Most good, lasting change is gradual. Stop expecting flawless performances from every player. I love seeing the Cowboys play perfect football and beat all their opponents by at least 42 points. That’s why I play Madden. But that’s a video game, and what we watched Sunday was reality.

“A little better all the time.”

My hope for the Silver and Blue Nation is that we try to buy into the Jason Garrett mentality. Don’t look for instant, overnight transformations. Instead look for consistency. Look for a change in how players are approaching everything they do. They are trying harder with every block, every tackle, and they never stop trying to make something happen. Case in point: Tony Romo was able to slow Ryan Mundy’s interception return just enough that DeMarco Murray caught up and tackled Mundy just shy of the goal line. The defense then had a fantastic stand to hold the Giants to a field goal. In contrast, when Eli Manning threw his last interception, he had a shot (albeit an arguably slim one) to push Brandon Carr out of bounds before he could turn the pick into a pick six. But Eli quit on the play, and the Cowboys had a touchdown. The difference between a field goal and a touchdown (w/extra point) is four points. We won by five points. The difference was the effort given.

Even though the Giants pulled close, the game never seemed to be out of the Cowboys’ control, and that’s huge. For years now, I have watched the Cowboys slowly lose control of situations, or never gain any control in the first place. So I say let ‘em write all the silly fluff they want. They are just missing the point.

One play at a time, one day at a time, it’s

“Getting so much better all the time!”

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