Dallas Cowboys | Tony Romo: Idiotic to blame Tony Romo for all Cowboys losses


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Dallas Cowboys | Tony Romo: Idiotic to blame Tony Romo for all Cowboys losses
By Randy Maltz – Founder/Editor Silver and Blue Report & Hook ’em Report

Tony Romo | Dallas CowboysI hate the fact that people blame Tony Romo for all the Dallas Cowboys losses.  To me, that is idiotic! Our offensive line was sub-par … well, horrible, our receivers dropped several easy catches at the worst times, DeMarco Murray was out over half the season, and our defense was completely plagued with injuries.

If Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones can help the team improve with all those problems and Romo still has issues, then you can put more blame on him.

If you put Tom Brady and John Flacco on the same teams Romo has had to play with, with their offensive lines, there is no way you can tell me they would still have 17 (Brady) and 9 (Flacco) playoff wins, respectively.  Now I’m not going to say ZERO blame goes to Romo, because he does still make some costly judgment decisions at inopportune times. It is important to note, that he took a team last season that had basically half of their 2nd-3rd string defense, and an absolutely horrid rushing offense to support him, to the brink of an NFC East division title. He did so by having the most 4th-quarter comebacks in the process. Seriously, it cannot be all Romo’s fault

The Cowboys are just not a complete team. As long as they remain an incomplete team, they will never have team success. Romo gets all of the blame because he is the quarterback, but he is not the problem.

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