Dallas Cowboys | Josh Brent: When will this ever stop for Jerry Jones and the Cowboys?

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Dallas Cowboys | Josh Brent: When will this ever stop for Jerry Jones and the Cowboys?
By Massimo Russo – Featured Writer Silver and Blue Report & Hook’em Report

Josh Brent | Dallas Cowboys, Jerry JonesThe long lasting days of Big D Drama has found its way in the news again. Year after year, I try to find something positive as training camp nears for the Dallas Cowboys in terms of the teams motive, approach and if there will be a shed of light to help make me believe that for once, just for once, I wouldn’t have to be typing away on something in the world of negativity surrounding the team and Jerry Jones.
Well, here I am once again, having to tell you about something negative, or should I say, the broken record just keeps skipping to the beat of the bad drum? Where did all the good ??? go?

I mean, gosh, I’m tired of hearing the same songs on the radio riding in my Nissan Maxima every day. But thanks to the world of everlasting growing and expanding of technology, you can always find a way to listen to your favorite songs, minus turning the dial on your radio. You can do the same in the world of television if you’re a Back to the Future fan, those good old days when I was a kid and still to this day one of my favorite movies to feast my eyes on. Hello, McFly, anybody home? Meaning, Hello, Jerry Jones, is anything going to change in the near future for the Dallas Cowboys, or is the broken record going to remain skipping to the same dead beat?

And just when you thought things can possibly be quiet as Mother Nature cranks the summer heat up a few notches, a member of the Dallas Cowboys is caught in the tangled web of bad, bad things again. Last summer, star receiver Dez Bryant was charged with a Class A misdemeanor for assaulting his mom, and luckily for him, his mom didn’t want to pursue the assault case against her son. Otherwise, Bryant could’ve been in big trouble and a suspension from Commissioner Roger Goodell would have come down hard on the star receiver. Bryant dodged the bullet, but perception took its direction into the realm of the dislike button towards fans across the nation.

But good old team owner/general manager Jerry Jones, the man that stares the wheel grabbed hold of the troubled talented Bryant and implemented strict ground rules on him to keep Bryant out of trouble. Ever since, Bryant seemingly has matured and heading down the right path of doing everything possible to become a better looked upon citizen, and hard-working dedicated player. Now we have defensive tackle Josh Brent, a player that’s been jailed after failing a second drug test. Court records in Dallas County showed Brent tested positive for marijuana after submitting to a urine test. The test result is a violation of bond conditions imposed after being charged late last year with intoxication manslaughter.

Brent had failed an initial drug test back in May and is now currently being held without bond pending a court hearing that’s scheduled on July 19. All of this has added more fuel to the fire after Brent was driving on December 8th in a car wreck that caused the death of Cowboys practice squad player Jerry Brown. Authorities say Brent’s blood-alcohol level was more than twice the limit of .08 at the time. Brent can be facing a serious period of time behind bars if an angel from above doesn’t come to save this troubled player.

Here’s what I want to get across to all my Cowboy Nation people and fans that follow the game: Must this keep going on and on? Must we keep repeating the things that have downgraded the perception of America’s Team? The label America’s Team that NFL Films has stamped on the backs of this once proud franchise, has recently suffered heartbreaking losing ways, unlike the days when getting into trouble with the law still found its way to bring home the Lombardi Trophy. Do I need to take a trip down memory lane and remind everyone about that great team of the 90’s that bullied its opponents while having a party off the field? When is this going to stop?

For crying out loud, the perception of this organization has become so bad that a player like Tony Romo, who doesn’t get into trouble with the law, who admits to his own mistakes and plays the game at a high level, was listed on a top 10 most hated athletes list of 2013. The culture and the way this organization goes about their business needs to change quickly. But when you have an owner/general manager like Jerry Jones who clearly has total control of the franchise, how can you have a coach the players respect and are in fear of when they know the coach doesn’t have the power and say to release them when not performing up to par, or when they throw their baggage all over the place?

Just like I mentioned in my last blog, better shape up quick! But that doesn’t seem to be the case, and we still have a player who’s jailed at the moment that’s still a member of the team. LORD IN HEAVEN, WHY OH WHY?

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DebbieLyn Earley July 3, 2013 at 11:14 pm

All of this will stop when the NFL
stops turning there head and
admit that substance abuse is a
disease and stops suspending
Players for 4 games and have each coach send them to treatment. No more tragedies
Like we have seen the past season and post season.

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