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Dallas Cowboys | The Great 2013 Draft Debacle (Jerry Jones took crown from Al Davis)
By Craig Bagby – Featured Writer Silver and Blue Report & Hook’em Report

Jerry Jones | Tony Romo: Dallas CowboysThe Dallas Cowboys closed out the 2012 season by ranking 31st in rush yards and allowing 36 sacks on Tony Romo due to their horrible offensive line. So, naturally, Jerry Jones addressed this glaring issue by trading down in the first round of the draft to get a center who by all accounts would have been available in the third round. Then he further strengthened the O line by drafting a tight end, wide receiver, free safety, corner back, running back, and an outside linebacker.

Sure, Gavin Escobar and Terrance Williams would be good picks if you had a need in the receiving department. But last year, Dallas ranked 3rd in passing yards. Third . . . with 4729 yards in the air . . . for a team allowing 36 sacks on the quarterback that ended up being 8-8. Clearly, passing and receiving are not issues in Dallas.

The Cowboys entered the draft with a desperate need for players who could start and make an immediate impact on both sides of the ball. I would argue that at least half the picks won’t be ready for a couple of seasons and I think that the Cowboys have managed to get themselves in a worse position going into training camp.
But who knows? Maybe there is some kind of method to this draft that I am not seeing. At least that is my hope. But from where I am sitting, it looks like Jerry Jones is trying his hardest to take the throne emptied by Al Davis as the NFL’s most dangerously crazy owner.

If things don’t change between now and the beginning of the season, I have dire predictions for the Cowboys that I pray don’t come true. Without a major improvement with regard to play from the O line, I believe the Cowboys will be lucky to reach 7-9 next season and last place in the NFC East and that JJ will throw Jason Garrett under the bus as a result and fire him.

But beyond that, I think that due to poor play from the O line next season, Tony Romo, the 100 Million Dollar Boy, will be running for his life. There is only so much scrambling the man can do. Tony Romo needed a lot of help, and he didn’t really get it from this draft. Jerry Jones has praised Romo for his ability to get rid of the ball quickly – but that is simply not something on which you base your offensive strategy. Romo gets rid of the ball quickly because he has to, not because he wants to.

I have to agree with the Yahoo Sports assessment of the draft and give the Cowboys a horrible grade in the NFC, and that poor drafting could get Romo and possibly some other players hurt.

I could also jump into the complete lack of dealing with the new 4-3 defense that is on the way, but that’s for another article!

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