VIDEO | Dallas Cowboys: Tony Romo re-signed. What do you think?

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Shango’s Cowboys Video
VIDEO | Dallas Cowboys: Tony Romo re-signed.  What do you think?
By Shango – Featured Editorial Silver and Blue Report & Hook ’em Report

Shango | Dallas Cowboys: Dallas Cowboys BlogDuring this NFL season, Dallas Cowboys did not live up to their fans expectations. Jason Garrett and Tony Romo failed to bring them back into the playoffs. Jerry Jones will make some changes.

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ME Hughes March 30, 2013 at 11:40 am

I agree with his assessment.. its not about Romo but I disagree with the caller.. I am one of the so called 5 that not only trusts in ROMO but believed we were going to win that game.. and I disagree that its ROMOs fault. Its all about JERRY and how he conducts business here in Dallas.. This Oline is terrible and I watched greats like BRETT FAVRE and WARREN MOON deal with this same crap and get ripped apart just like ROMO does for making bad decisions and yet I can lay just as much blame or more on the WR Position and lack of RUNGAME for ROMO having to move and force throws the way he has..
I can point out INT after INT that was considered a bad throw or bad decision that was NOT ROMOs fault but Dez or Austin or Ogletree fault for not catching the ball when it hits them right in the hands and other receivers around the league are MAKING these catches. But for some stupid reason our guys cant??
I can not and will not blame ROMO for these things, but I will blame him for not properly stepping up to be a better leader. Romo deserves this money as there is no one better than him coming out of Free agency or the draft and if you put him on another team, like the Falcons for instance, he would be setting even more records as these receivers actually CATCH the ball for their QB and you cannot tell me that MATT RYAN is a better QB than ROMO as thats the biggest BS I have ever heard, but the difference is the coaching staff and the WILL to catch the ball to win that this Cowboys team is severely lacking and teams like the Falcons have in abundance.

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