Jerry Jones or Tony Romo: Why are the Dallas Cowboys in flux?


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Jerry Jones or Tony Romo: Why are the Dallas Cowboys in flux?
By Massimo Russo – Featured Writer Silver and Blue Report & Hook’em Report

Jerry Jones | Tony Romo: Dallas CowboysWith a contract extension likely coming for Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, the saga continues in the world of Tony Romo is this and that amongst fans of the game. Everything that Romo has done positive has been derailed by late season blunders or should I say choke artist moments that has kept the Dallas Cowboys from taking a step into the realm of championship football.

But is he the main blame for the Dallas Cowboys failures? Surely, Romo has had his defining moments turn upside down, but the game of football has other areas on the team that need to come full-circle in order to take it to the top of the leagues upper echelon group.

You need a group of men that lay it all on the line and rise up in the critical moments. You can’t get to the big game without overcoming adversity and this era of Cowboys football has yet to prove to the world that Romo and gang can take that big giant leap. With the Cowboys current cap situation, an extension for Tony Romo may look bad upon his doubters, but in reality, the team needs to make this move in order to create more cap space for the team to able to sign their 2013 draft picks or any free agent team owner/general manager Jerry Jones feels can help the team if the price is right. Speaking of the price is right, how many players has Jerry Jones thrown a pool of $$$$$$ to that hasn’t performed at their price tag?

The list is long, but I’ll keep it short. Does Kyle Koiser, Marion Barber or the trade that acquired receiver Roy Williams ring a bell? I’ll give Koiser some sort of a pass due to the fact he was often hurt, but it still didn’t amount to anything positive for the team. Barber’s bruising style of play cut his career short and giving him a seven year $45 million contract with $16 million of guaranteed money ended up being a waste. To acquire Williams, the Cowboys gave up first and third round draft picks for the wide receiver from Detroit before the 2008 trade deadline. Jerry Jones later signed him to a $54 million contract extension.  All Williams did in his tenure with the Cowboys was catch just 94 passes for 1,324 yards and 13 touchdowns in 40 games.

These are the type of organizational moves that Jerry Jones has made over the past five to six seasons that hasn’t given his quarterback that gets bashed by the media and fans across the nation an offensive line to protect him or create running lanes for anybody carrying the load in the Cowboys backfield. And when Jones was asked about the Cowboys offensive line issues, he gave his two cents on Romo’s ability to perform behind a porous offensive line.

“If you’re going to have a guy…that can handle a porous offensive line, it’s Tony,” Jones said. “Tony has some of the best percentages operating behind pressure situations of anyone in the NFL. If there were a place theoretically that you had to have a weakness with Tony Romo at quarterback, that might be a place to have it. You just can’t’ have it all.”

Is Jones right? I say not. If you understand the game, you’d understand that building a top-notch line is a key essential for putting together a championship team. Did he forget about what made that Cowboys team of the 90’s one of the better teams to ever step foot on a football field? The people inside the game know Romo has talent, but when has he proved that he can get it done behind a bad offensive line? You have a player like Doug Free that Jones signed to a four year $32 million contract that’s a liability at right tackle that the team most likely will cut on June 1st to save $7 million in cap room. Free is another prime example of Jerry’s overpaid player list. All of these moves have done nothing to build an offensive line that’s a super bowl like line that’ll win the battle in the trenches come crunch time.

The fans continue to see Romo as the main problem in Dallas when he clearly isn’t. You take Romo off this team and I guarantee you they only win 4 games instead of 8 to 9 to at least have a shot at a division title in the final game over the last two seasons. Now, I’m not saying that Romo’s the best slice of Pizza out there, but he has the skill set and stats to prove he’s worthy outside of his late season gypsy-cursed type moments. How can he be looked upon as a bad player when the man is 5th all-time in QB rating? You think that statistic doesn’t matter? Aaron Rodgers, Steve Young, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are on that list. Those are the only four ahead of him with Young being a hall of famer, the rest of the three, future hall of famers. Romo is also 6th all-time in completion percentage. That sounds like a pretty accurate passer to me. But I get it, no super bowl ring means that a quarterback stinks to most of you and it’s a shame.

You can’t win a championship by yourself. You need the right supporting cast to get you there. Romo in my opinion has had only one true team that was good enough to get to the big game and that was only in his first full season in the league as a starting quarterback in 07. You need everything in this game to get you a championship. So what is Jerry talking about that “you can’t have it all?” Take a look at what the 49ers and Seahawks have done along with a few others around the league over the past few seasons and you’d notice they make moves to give the team what it needs to be the best by drafting and managing their cap right. So keep living on hope that your skilled quarterback can do things like David Copperfield and do magical things behind a porous offensive line with bad coaching and the results will never change.

So who’s to blame here America, Jerry or Tony?

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