Dallas Cowboys | Jon Gruden: Are you crazy?


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Robert’s 3 Point Stance
Dallas Cowboys | Jon Gruden: Are you crazy?
By Robert Schwartz – Featured Writer Silver and Blue Report & Hook’em Report

Jon Gruden | Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Oakland Raiders, Dallas CowboysCall me “Captain Negative”, but name me one Super Bowl coach who’s taken off the blazer and put the headset on again?  Mike Ditka and Jimmy Johnson?  Is that it?  I can name almost as many NFL Head Coaches with internationally known foot fetishes.

Why not?  Well winning in the NFL is more then a full time job.  Jon Gruden was well known for his long hours, early mornings, and late nights.

Wearing a blazer is no-stress, 6 months a year, and minimal travel.  You also get paid in a lot more to talk on television then one might think in the NFL.   Check out this article … 15 Most Shockingly Overpaid People in Sports

He’s the A-Rod of ESPN, only without the PED’s.  Too bad, some deer antler velvet spray might make the show more interesting.

Now how much would the offer package be from Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys?  More then Bill Belichick?  No.  So under $7 million.  More then the average?  Yes.  So more then 3 million.  Even at 6 million a year it’s a bum deal.  You can get a part time job moving furniture during the off season to make some of that up.

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