Dallas Cowboys | Jerry Jones: New Cowboys Bus, The Elegant Lady


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Dallas Cowboys | Jerry Jones: New Cowboys Bus called The Elegant Lady
By Randy Maltz – Founder/Editor Silver and Blue Report & Hook ’em Report

Jerry Jones | Dallas Cowboys

A Dallas Cowboys luxury bus?  Seriously?  Yes, sir!  Jerry Jones’ bus is not a secret anymore. Sounds like a great place to do business and perhaps other things.

Cowboys Stadium is the ultimate stadium and “The Elegant Lady” is the ultimate luxury bus.  The Provost Marathon Coach is extremely customized, according to the Dallas Morning News. (See the photo gallery here.)  It seems to draw crowds wherever it goes.  Imagine that!

The bus goes for $1.5 million to $2.5 million depending on the options and gets about 8 or 9 miles per gallon.  This luxury bus, debuted in New Orleans at the Super Bowl.  It has nine TV screens, three couches, various concealed coolers, a star built within the wooden floor, and glass shelves for all sorts of items.  There are even Tiffany crystals and marble counters.

The old bus remains in circulation somewhere.  Jerry Jones retired their official bus after driving over 2 million miles.   The driver, Emory Tyler, also drove the previous bus.

Personally, I cannot wait to see it.  It sounds very cool and I imagine everybody loves it.

Dallas Cowboys | Jerry Jones and Cowboys: Elegant Lady Bus

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