Dallas Cowboys | Jerry Jones: Sweeping Changes

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Robert’s 3 Point Stance
Dallas Cowboys | Jerry Jones: Sweeping Changes
By Robert Schwartz – Featured Writer Silver and Blue Report & Hook ’em Report

Cowboys Stadium | Dallas Cowboys: NFL“Sweeping Changes”.  There’s only 1 sweeping change I want to hear and that is Jerry Jones retiring as GM and bringing in a President of Football Operations to bring a GM in and re-assign the operations staff.  But it’s not like 3 Million Dallas Cowboys fans and media wonks haven’t been screaming that since 1998 in the NFL.

Firing Rob Ryan isn’t “Sweeping Changes”.  It’s more like “banal housecleaning”.

Dallas should always run the 4-3.  Green Bay should always play outdoors.  I read an article that said it was a mistake because Ware had never played with his hand on the ground.  He probably also wrote an article years ago saying Ware was a draft mistake because he’d never played standing up before.  I think opinions are mistakes waiting for hindsight, but tradition is never wrong.  Dallas should always run the 4-3.

Is Methuselah the answer to coach it?  I guess the players and Monte Kiffin can bond over sagging pants?  Back when I was a kid we played REAL football!  Back when I was a kid you were still an old man!

Kiffin has a huge coaching tree.  Is there a greener branch?  Last I heard Lovie Smith was looking to log a few more years into the pension plan before putting on a headset.  Turn around Dallas’ D and you pick your city next year.

Forget about Ryan going, what about the “Sweeping Changes”.  From what I remember we don’t have an Offensive coordinator.  What about Norv Turner?  Is he still an option at OC?  He’s one of the best OC’s ever.

What about JJ making the really BIG decisions.  You won the championships, you made the most valuable team in Pro Sports, and you got the Big Temple of Beer and Nachos(tm).  The next step is to dedicate more time to the Cowboys by hiring someone to run the Operations.

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