Dallas Cowboys | Jerry Jones: Heads are Rolling with Cowboys Football

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Dallas Cowboys | Jerry Jones: Heads are Rolling with Cowboys Football
By Craig Bagby – Featured Writer Silver and Blue Report & Hook ’em Report

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Well, heads are rolling in Valley Ranch as Rob Ryan and Skip Peete have been fired from the Dallas Cowboys organization.

The Cowboys were at the bottom of the heap in running this season, and the defense gave up a ton of yards on the other side of the ball. But I don’t think these firings are all that beneficial.

I agree that these were problems that needed addressing.  But they are avoiding the main problem. Since 1990, only the Oakland Raiders have made more coaching changes than the Dallas Cowboys. It’s systemic of a poorly run organization.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Steelers have had three head coaches since 1969. Pittsburgh may have had up and down seasons, but they are consistently one of the best run franchises. There are quite a lot people with the name Rooney on staff in the Steelers’ offices, but no one in the Rooney family is the general manager.

The only time that the Cowboys have been successful in the Jerry Jones era was in the beginning, when he stayed out of the way and let Jimmy Johnson do his thing. There’s a single reason why the wrong coaches have been hired and why the wrong players have huge contracts ($32 million for Doug Free??). Jerry Jones is one of the greatest marketers and salesman in history, but he is simply in over his head as a GM. He can make all the coaching changes he wants, but the team will only be mediocre until he steps down. And just like Al Davis, he won’t let go.

Think of the Dallas Cowboys as a race car. For several years, the car hasn’t won a single race, let alone finish in the top half. During these years, the car has had its engine, tires, and transmission changed over and over again. Hell, they even gave it a super fancy new chassis with the coolest paint job anyone has ever seen on a car. But the car still stays around the middle of the pack . . . because they simply refuse to change the driver.

Please Jerry, let someone else drive! You’re in the passing lane going 50 with the left turn signal on. It’s just time to admit mediocrity. You still own the car. Check your pocket; the keys are right there.  We all love how pretty the car is and what you’ve done to it. The stereo kicks ass. Just allow someone else to drive it for a while and let’s see if we can find that checkered flag.

All right – I’ve done my part. I’m sure JJ will read this and all the Cowboys’ problems will vanish. You’re welcome, Silver and Blue Nation.

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