Dallas Cowboys | Interesting Facts About Dallas Cowboys Football


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Dallas Cowboys | Interesting Facts About Dallas Cowboys Football
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Dallas Cowboys: Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin

The Dallas Cowboys are definitely an all American Team. People love them, people hate them, but everyone has to admit they have had some great football players over the years and played some great games. Troy Aikman was one of the best quarterbacks to ever set foot on the field. Tony Romo is breaking records as their current quarterback. There are also many things about the Cowboys that even fans of the team do not know, and here are my favorite tidbits 🙂

Player Accomplishments
There are facts about the players that even the most serious fans do not know offhand. Quarterback Roger Staubach threw for more than one third of his one hundred and fifty three touchdown passes within the second quarter of the game. The exact number of second quarter passes is fifty-six. Roger! Speaking of quarterbacks, Troy Aikman was great, but he was not just a one-man show. He threw touchdown passes to twenty seven different receivers. Mr. Aikman had a very good relationship with his players, include Michael Irvin. Irvin caught forty nine of those passes for scoring points. Jay Novacek came next with twenty, while Alvin Harper caught sixteen of them. Darly Johnson caught thirteen scoring passes, with Emmitt Smith had eleven scoring catches. Quarterback Danny White had his first touchdown in the National Football League with the Cowboys too. In 1976, he threw his first scoring pass to Preston Pearson to help the team secure a victory over the Chicago Bears. Craig Morton was the only quarterback in history so far to play in the Super Bowl for two different teams. In addition to starting with the Cowboys he played with the Denver Broncos.
Before They Were Big
The team out of Dallas was first created just to have even competition. Believe it or not, the Dallas Cowboys were created to be part of the AFL. This forced another team called the Dallas Texans to relocate. They found a home in Kansas City, and become known as the Chiefs. The first overtime touchdown to help the Cowboys win a game was scored by this Roger Staubach, when he threw a pass to Billy Joe DuPree.
The Dallas Cowboys have a proud history, with many record-setting firsts. Some of the best players to ever touch a football have been part of the Cowboys. This team from Texas has to be given the respect they deserve for having great players, coaches, and making the sport of football proud.
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