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Cowboys Stadium: Dallas Cowboys, Jerry JonesFirst off to address FRANK.. You make very valid points sir, but if you remember Bill Parcells created a monster team too and then because Jerry kept screwing things up he left and we got Wade Phillips instead of Coughlin or any number of great proven coaches. We went 13-3 and lost just barely to the Giants because of overall bad play due to Philips bad coaching and instead of the Cowboys making a run at the Superbowl, the Giants won it all over the 16-0 Patriots. I truly believe to this day that if Parcells had been coaching that team it would be a Cowboys Superbowl not Giants. After that it was all Phillips tearing that monster team apart the last 4 years and Jason Garrett is doing a hell of a job trying to rebuild a powerhouse under the Jimmy Johnson-Bill Parcells style of coaching.. If you compare them they are all very very similar in their styles of coaching and this could be a huge blessing for the Cowboys if the fans would just sit back and really pay attention. The problem as Craig has so blatantly pointed out is the Offensive Line and has been more than anything else for several years now. Doug Free scares me more than anyone else on that line.. I have seen him shut down Demarcus Ware in practice and make him look the fool but during gametime hes a joke of a lineman and that scares me.

I really believe that Garrett should take a play out of Tom Coughlin – Bill Parcells – Jimmy Johnsons playbooks and bench Dez Bryant for one game and see if that forces him to start playing to his potential and catching the ball like we all know he is capable of doing instead of coddling him the way Jerry has. If he gets benched and still keeps acting like T.O. with all the critical drops, then I would start looking to trade him..

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chas gause November 11, 2013 at 2:03 am

Jerry should fire the entire coachig staff and then fire himself. They played like they were told to blow the game. Why weren’t they perpared for this game…ohh I’m sorry,they don’t have any decent coaches that couldn even perpare boiled eggs. These guys really suck! If the fans are satisfied with this type of play calling I guess we will be happy with ANOTHER 8 & 8 season.

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