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The Top Five Quarterbacks in Dallas Cowboys History
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Roger Staubach | Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most storied franchises in football history. For many years, The Cowboys have had a prolific, high scoring offense, led by a solid quarterback. However, everyone knows that in order to have a powerful offense, you have to have a great quarterback. The Dallas Cowboys have definitely had their fair share of talented quarterbacks. Without further ado, here are the top five quarterbacks in the Dallas Cowboys illustrious history.

Troy Aikman
Without a doubt, Troy Aikman is the Dallas Cowboys greatest quarterback. Aikman guided the Cowboys to three Superbowl wins while playing with Michael Irvin and Emmit Smith. In his 12 seasons, he had over 32,000 passing yards and 165 touchdowns. Drafted in 1989, he transformed the Cowboys into “Americas Team” during the mid 1990’s. Inducted in the hall of fame in his first year of eligibility, Aikman is by far, the greatest Cowboys QB. To this day, he remains active with the team and is synonymous with the Cowboys.

Roger Staubach
Many younger Cowboys fan do not know much about Roger Staubach; which is a shame. Drafted in 1964, Staubach did not join the Cowboys until 1969, after finishing his compulsorily service in the United States Navy. Roger Staubach took the Cowboys to five Superbowl’s, while winning two. In 11 seasons, he had 85 wins and only 29 losses, while throwing for over 22,000 yards. To some, his yard totals may not seem like a lot, but in that era, it was particularly impressive.

Danny White
Drafted in the 3rd round in the ’74 draft, White played 13 years with the Cowboys, not only as the quarterback, he was also their punter. In this day and age, the starting quarterback starts in only one position. Over his 13 seasons, Danny White had a 62-30 record, while having a 5-5 record in the postseason. Danny White was a blue-collar player and was not flashy like many current NFL players.

Tony Romo
With his career still in the balance, Tony Romo has some work to do. He not drafted in 2003 but signed as a free agent. Romo replaced the popular Drew Bledsoe midway through the 2006 season. Through the 2011 season, Romo has compiled a 47-30 win-loss record, with over 20,000 passing yards. One criticism of Romo though – he has had problems in winning crucial playoff games. Still, the Cowboys are a perennial favorite though, almost entirely because of Tony Romo.

Don Meredith
Don spent all nine seasons with the Dallas Cowboys and given the starting job in 1963. In 1966, Don Meredith led the Cowboys to their first NFL postseason, something he would continue to do until his unexpected retirement before the 1969 season. He was named to the Pro Bowl in each of his last three years as a player. Following his football career, Meredith became a color commentator for ABC’s Monday Night Football beginning in 1970 and did NFL telecasts from 1970-1984. Meredith also had an acting career.

The Dallas Cowboys have had some talented quarterbacks. Because of both their great quarterbacks and offenses, the Cowboys continue to field one of the most talented teams in the league. Tony Romo definitely has the potential to become the greatest quarterback for the Cowboys, as long as he continues to improve.

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