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Jerry Jones is Jed Clampett?
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Dallas Cowboys | Jerry Jones: Dallas Cowboys FootballI saw this quote from a fan on MSN today:
“Jerry AKA Jed Clampett Jones is the root of all evil with the Dallas Cowboys. He has created an environment where average is OK. The Cowboys record since 1997 is 122 and 122.
I rest my case”
Jerry is more concerned with the marketing and money making aspect of the NFL. He doesn’t really care about us, the fans, or what he’s putting on the field. If he did, he would stop making a fool of us all. We are the the laughing stock of the NFL. I said it before, till Jerry Jones steps down, aside, or out, we will not have success again. Mediocrity reigns for our team. It’s sad to see our record at home 14-12 since it opened. No home field advantage. It’s because Jerry puts more into the building to impress the masses with his “Marketing” genius than the football team. Victoria’s Secret?!? Who cares!!!! Buy us an offensive line!! Keep receivers that can actually catch. Hello Laurent Robinson!!! Jerry has no business in coaches meetings or drafting decisions. He cannot judge talent/character. Proof is in our record. By and large, our team has sucked since Jimmy left. Barry Switzer got lucky he inherited a monster. After that, all downhill with no signs of life. Jon Gruden nailed it. No offensive balance, and sloppy, sloppy football. Jerry Jones you should be very ashamed of yourself. I can hardly get mad anymore. It’s just plain pitiful.

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