Dallas Cowboys | Cowboys fail: Tony Romo takes the heat


Dallas Cowboys | Cowboys fail: Tony Romo takes the heat
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Dallas Cowboys fail: Tony Romo takes the heat

Whenever Dallas Cowboys fail to perform well, all fingers are pointed towards Tony Romo. The past weekend, Tony Romo put his best into the game but could not help his team scoring a victory.

In the recent match in Baltimore, Dallas Cowboys lost the game to the Ravens by 31-29. In the closing minutes of the game, Dallas Cowboys had gotten two chances that they could use to tie the game or score the victory, but they could not and here too Romo was the last person to blame.

With 2:27 time remaining in the first half of the game, the Cowboys were on the Ravens 35-yard line in a ten-ten game. As they were only a few yards out of field-goal range, they could have grabbed a lead from Baltimore. But, the gunslinger Romo appeared immediately. The Ravens threw Romo to the right side, and in place of flushing the ball away, Romo threw it across the field to Kevin Ogletree. But as the throw was out of the reach of Ogletree, it sailed past him and settled into the hands of Ravens.

The Ravens led the half with 17-10.

Romo was 25-for-36 when he threw for 261 yards tossed two touchdowns and scored a passer rating of 97.1. He even led the Cowboys on an epic eighteen-play touchdown scoring drive with 4:41 to play, at a point of time when the Cowboys required a score in the worst way.

On the drive, he was 11-of-16 for 94 yards. He led the Cowboys down the field with poise.

But, at the two-point conversion, where the Cowboys could have tied the game, Romo hit unreliable wide-out Dez Bryant right on the numbers with a pass in the end-zone. But, Bryant let the overtime-forcing play slip through his hands one play following making a sensational catch for a touchdown.

Without the pick, Dallas could have appended 3 points, which would have entered handy in a two-point game. And even if the Cowboys opted not to try a field objective, they could have trapped the Ravens deep in their land with a good boot.

In fact, groups have tapped Romo in 6 consecutive matches and have made on the following drives in each of those rivalries.

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