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By Massimo Russo – Featured Writer Silver and Blue Report & Hook’em Report

Week 1
Wednesday, September 5th 8:30 PM ET – TV: NBC

Dallas Cowboys @ N.Y. Giants
Even if the warrior in Jason Witten gets himself geared up with a spleen injury come opening night, he won’t be as effective as the pass-catching machine he’s known for. But in a game of this magnitude so early in the season and so many star-talented prominent names, my main focus is how will rookie cornerback Morris Claiborne and Brandon Carr dance with the “Amazing Cruz and Nicks” for four quarters. I think they show a much improvement side of the fence for Dallas’ secondary in 2012, but not enough to slow Eli and the Giants late. Pick: N.Y. Giants 24, Cowboys 21
Final Score: Cowboys 24 (1-0), N.Y. Giants 17 (0-1)

Sunday, September 9th
1:00 PM ET

Indianapolis Colts @ Chicago Bears – TV: CBS
The Cutler-Marshall reunion and the first ever regular season start for Andrew Luck begin in the windy city. Hearing some whispers in the loud and clear Luck will make this a close one. Maybe? But I tell ya, some of these rookies are getting a great brutal taste to get things started. Pick: Bears 31, Colts 17

Atlanta Falcons @ Kansas City Chiefs – TV: FOX
The fantasy football world has been taking a good look at Falcons second-year receiver Julio Jones. And they should, because this is the come-out party year for the Falcons offense. Speaking of fantasy football, don’t forget Kansas City running back Jamaal Charles was a projected top 3 pick in 2011, but a season ending injury put that all to bed. Jamaal is healthy and maybe with a new look type offense, things that were looking up before 2011, come reality in 2012? Pick: Falcons 27 Chiefs 24

Philadelphia Eagles @ Cleveland Browns – TV: FOX
Still amazed how the Eagles ended up getting the 12th pick from Seattle in the 2012 draft and ended up drafting Fletcher Cox. The Eagles now have someone to clog the middle and a linebacker who’s a tackling machine when healthy DeMeco Ryans, two center pieces that can make this defense elite. Pick: Eagles 27, Browns 7

Washington Redskins @ New Orleans Saints – TV: FOX
With the bounty suspensions uplifted, the dome will be rocking the house for Drew Brees and his Ninja bunch of receivers, not to mention the home fans are excited to see the RG III experience in their own backyard, and I think the Skins make this interesting. Pick: Saints 31, Redskins 23

St. Louis Rams @ Detroit Lions – TV: FOX
At 6-5, 236 lbs. stands Calvin Johnson living in a world full of a bunch of Mega-things and only one Megatron living in it. Bad day for Rams defensive backs Courtland Finnegan and Janoris Jenkins who won’t be able to do anything to stop Johnson. But look on the bright side of things, wouldn’t it be so cool to be up-close to the world’s most unstoppable Mega-thing? Pick: Lions 38, Rams 17

New England Patriots @ Tennessee Titans – TV: CBS
No need to explain what the Patriots are about with a million tight ends aboard on offense. As for Tennessee, Chris Johnson looks primed for a comeback season and rookie receiver Kendall Wright gets a quick opportunity to showcase his talent. He’ll get that chance due to Kenny Britt serving a one game suspension. Pick: Patriots 31, Titans 17

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Minnesota Vikings – TV: CBS
Saw a couple of glimpses from Christian Ponder at the helm last season, and right before you think he just might become a well-polished quarterback, something in the works of QB miscues takes place. But at home with Jared Allen rushing the passer and Adrian Peterson ready to go, I have to go with the Vikes. Pick: Vikings 23, Jaguars 13

Buffalo Bills @ N.Y. Jets – TV: CBS
Let’s say we have a tight game late in the 4th quarter with the Jets in the red-zone trailing by four with a few ticks on the clock left. Sanchez’s life has already been miserable being chased by Buffalo’s Mario Williams all afternoon fumbling twice, and two interceptions. Offensive coordinator Tony Sparano goes Wild-Cat or Spread-Option with Tebow, and he delivers dramatically. Its Tebow time in New York everybody! Pick: N.Y. Jets 20, Bills 17

Miami Dolphins @ Houston Texans – TV: CBS
The time is now for Houston and everything is in place and healthy. Mario Williams gone, but say hello to rookie Whitney Mercilus, my pick as the best defensive rookie in 2012. Pick: Texans 28, Dolphins 13

4:25 PM ET

Seattle Seahawks @ Arizona Cardinals – TV: FOX
At some point this season I’m expecting Matt Flynn to be the starting quarterback for the Hawks. Arizona’s defense like Seattle is young and feisty. I too have seen good things in Russell Wilson, but I’ve also seen good things in Arizona’s second-year cornerback Patrick Peterson who I see making a pick-6 on Wilson, the difference maker in the desert. Pick: Cardinals 17, Seahawks 13

San Francisco 49ers @ Green Bay Packers – TV: FOX
Game of the weekend and great chance of meeting each other come January. Randy Moss comes back to Cheese-head land wearing the red and gold on a team many have returning back to the NFC title game. The Pack and Mr. Rodgers look to erase last year’s playoff meltdown to the Giants and return back to the big dance, remaining in control of the NFC North division. As for the game, you have physical against a big-play prolific passing attack. I expect the 49ers smash-mouth offense to slow down the Packers offense by keeping them off the field. But loses don’t usually take place at Lambeau when the Packers are good. Pick: Packers 21, 49ers 17

Carolina Panthers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers – TV: FOX
I like all the things Tampa did in the offseason via free agency adding Vincent Jackson and Carl Nicks and drafting Doug Martin who will start at running back. The Bucs are just about as interesting as Kansas City on the Massimo surprise team radar of 2012. And I think it starts out good with a thrilling win. Pick: Buccaneers 27, Panthers 24

Sunday Night Football in America 8:20 PM ET – TV: NBC

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Denver Broncos
I can see it crystal clear. Peyton Manning getting together with his new bunch of targets and telling them you do this and you do that and the Decker’s, Tamme’s and Thomas’ all saying “Yes Sensei!” Game on America! You’ll witness history when Manning throws his 400th career touchdown pass under NBC’s big bright lights. Pick: Broncos 24, Steelers 20

Monday, September 10th – TV: ESPN

Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens – 7:00 PM ET
With Art Modell passing away Thursday, a man who did so much for the organization by bringing football back to Baltimore and winning a super bowl, emotions will be riding high. Not the type of team you want to be facing on the road with deep meaning to it. Pick: Ravens 25, Bengals 13

San Diego Chargers @ Oakland Raiders – 10:15 PM ET
This could turn out to be a better game than expected. Phillip Rivers has a new group of receivers and Carson Palmer who still has a pulse, has a young talented group that Raider Nation is waiting to breakout and leap into the Black Hole. It’s one thing to know the Raiders are still rebuilding, but you have to wonder how many chances Norv Turner is going to get in San Diego as head coach. Something’s got to give in 2012, otherwise it’s time to head down a different path. Pick: Raiders 30, Chargers 24

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