Exclusive | Dallas Cowboys: Interview with Jay Novacek – Part 3 of 3


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Exclusive | Dallas Cowboys: Interview with Jay Novacek – Part 2 of 3
By Randy Maltz – Founder/Editor Silver and Blue Report & Hook’em Report
This personal interview was taken 8/31/12.

Jay Novacek | Dallas Cowboys: Wyoming CowboysWhich players did you learn the most from in the NFL?

There’s a guy I played on the St. Louis Cardinals, named Roy Green.  From Roy, I learned how to prepare for a game.  From Daryl Johnston, I learned how to do things the right way, how to adjust when things aren’t drawn up perfectly, and they don’t happen perfectly all the time.  From Troy Aikman, I learned about being consistent and doing it exactly the same way every time, which is so important.  From Michael Irvin, I learned the mental aspect of putting yourself in game situation in practice.  From Emmitt Smith, I learned how to see the field, to be able to know what you are going to do after you get the ball, sometimes even before you get the ball.  I learned so much just watching the offensive line on how to block.  This list goes on and on and this is how I learned to play the game.  I had to learn to improve all the time or else I wasn’t going to be successful.

Any players make you laugh out loud?

You know, there was that one guy, Charles Hailey, every time that name comes up, I laugh out loud!

If you were building a dream NFL team with players you played with, who would you pick and why?

I would have so many on that list.  With the offense, I would want Emmitt Smith along with our 90’s offensive line.  I would want Daryl Johnston, since I relied on him so much throughout games.  It would be very difficult not to pick any of those guys.  There are some great defensive lineman who were outstanding.  I would have to include Charles Hailey, among so many others. Man, I have been very blessed to play able to play with some great individuals.

If Jason Witten cannot play against the NY Giants, because of his spleen injury, could you be available to play?

Sure would!  I would be available to play immediately!

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