Exclusive | Dallas Cowboys: Interview with Jay Novacek – Part 2 of 3

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Exclusive | Dallas Cowboys: Interview with Jay Novacek – Part 2 of 3
By Randy Maltz – Founder/Editor Silver and Blue Report & Hook’em Report
This personal interview was taken 8/31/12.

Jay Novacek | Dallas Cowboys: Wyoming CowboysDuring your playing days, what defensive player gave you the hardest hit and who do you think some of the best defensive players were that you played against?

The guy who hits you the hardest is the guy you never see, so in other words, it could be just about anybody! Actually, in one Pro Bowl it was Steve Atwater from Denver, I didn’t see him … soon enough he hit me right in the forehead, once I turned around with the ball.  And that’s the first time I ever went to the opposite huddle!  Another is Washington Redskins Marvin Coleman, a backup linebacker, who they would bring him into the games in certain situations and he would cover me.  I had more issues with him than with anybody; he was big, strong, fast and smart.

When you played for the Dallas Cowboys, tell me who the leaders were and how they became the leaders on the team.

You know, the greatest thing about that team is we had a number of leaders and a few followers too.  But when it was time for one guy to lead, it seemed like they’d step up and that was our leader at that particular moment and we followed them in that direction.  In another moment it may have been myself, in another moment, someone else.  What was great about that team, is that we had a bunch of leaders and we didn’t step on each other’s toes.  We knew when it was our time and we knew when it was time to follow.  We all got along so well.

With us, we knew that someone was going to make a play.  When it was time for one of us to make a play, so often we did it and we were successful.

On the 2012 team, do you see potential leaders ready to breakout?

Oh, absolutely! I think this year they will have plenty of opportunities for more leaders.  I feel it’s going to start with defense and because of that, defense is going to win games for them.  I think that the defense is going to step up when it’s going to be a close game and somebody’s going to intercept the ball, and not just relying on DeMarcus Ware who does that consistently all the time.  It’s going to be somebody else.  It’s going to be that person you don’t really expect and when the opportunity arises, they are going to make plays.

The Cowboys added a player, Lawrence Vickers, who I consider a “stone-cold” blocking fullback.  Is Jason Garrett trying to build like “Moose-like” Daryl Johnston blocking for Emmitt Smith, similar to having Vickers block for Demarco Murray?

That is a great combination right there.  Blocking for Emmitt is something that everybody would like in the NFL.  I think Jason wants to give another twist by not having just the two tight end offenses.  If the fullback is really good, it just gets you so many different looks.  This gives so many scenarios for defenses trying to prepare for the Cowboys.  It is just another problem for coaching staffs to figure out?

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Dave Brown September 12, 2012 at 12:36 am

One of the hardest working players and a great all around TE. He could both block and catch, something that is getting rare at the position.

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