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Dallas Cowboys: Jerry Jones and Big D Drama
By Massimo Russo – Featured Writer Silver and Blue Report & Hook’em Report

Jerry Jones | Dallas Cowboys: NFL FootballDallas Cowboys team owner and general manager Jerry Jones began pushing buttons when the offseason started, after rival New York captured its second Super Bowl title in five seasons. The big question around “Big D” began with, is the window for a championship closing in on “America’s Team” that hasn’t won a title since the 95 season? Clearly, the team needed an upgrade at some key positions that hurt them down the stretch of the most critical part of December’s dog days. And when the flood gates of free agency got kick started, Jerry Jones wasted no time to sign top free agent cornerback Brandon Carr to a five year $50.1 million contract.
The move was the first step to improve a dismal secondary before Jerry Jones made a big splash in the 2012 draft by trading up to the 6th pick, and selecting LSU standout cornerback Morris Claiborne. The secondary wasn’t the only position the team addressed as the Cowboys added depth to the offensive line, a stone cold lead-blocking fullback Lawrence Vickers for DeMarco Murray to run behind, and insurance at the quarterback position by signing Kyle Orton to backup Tony Romo. The moves not only added depth and bolstered the roster, the team got younger. The only thing that could’ve put a negative tail-spin on Jerry’s Cowboys was off the field drama.

Cowboys star receiver Dez Bryant’s work ethic was questioned before the offseason workout program began. Although his physical ability has always been clearly viewed by his spectators, Bryant didn’t take the strength and conditioning program to another level until recently turning heads, destroying defensive backs during training camp, and showing the organization that he’s finally understood that raw talent also needs time and effort to improve in order to be the best at what you do. But sometimes the negatives kick in the door of the positives, and like many times of the franchises great history, drama found its way to circulate around the surface once again.

The star receiver was arrested on July 16 following a 911 call from his mother who accused Bryant of assaulting her. “Mount Jones” nearly erupted, and needed time to cool off before hot lava could make its way towards Bryant.

“One of the reasons is I didn’t want to talk to him emotionally,” explained Jerry Jones during a radio interview. “That was one of the reasons why I haven’t talked to him because I was disappointed… As a daddy, sometimes you’re not supposed to spank when

you’re mad. Like I said the other day, I wanted to get my information, but I also wanted to get my mind right so we could have a good talk about things.”

After Jones took time to put out the fire, he was prepared to confront Bryant on his recent arrest, a distraction that made its way around the entire team. Jones made it clear to the media that he and Bryant had a good extensive meeting about the issue, and let the football world know that Bryant better shape up or the team would move on without him. The message was clearly sent deep into the inner core of Bryant without any punishment from the organization. But let’s hope that league commissioner Roger Goodell, who’s been policing off the field incidents and laying the smack-down for such actions, doesn’t take playing time away from Bryant.

The 5th of September is right around the corner, you know, that date the Cowboys have right in the backyard of the defending Super Bowl Champion New York Giants. The drama needs to go in the trash or better yet, burned for good. The rain and dark clouds over “Big D” needs the sun to wash up all that can be negative before they can exercise their demons against the team that is everything the franchise used to be. The New York Giants, a team that has stepped up in the crucial parts of the season that’s destroyed the Cowboys Super Bowl dreams. So take it from Jerry, better shape up or else the late season gypsy curses on “America’s Team” will continue.

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