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Jerry Jones | Honoring 1992 Super Bowl Winners: Dallas Cowboys
By Randy Maltz – Founder/Editor Silver and Blue Report & Hook’em Report

Jerry Jones | Dallas Cowboys: Jason Garrett and Tony Romo at Cowboys Stadium

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was honoring the 1992 Super Bowl team on Friday night at a dinner, which Emmitt Smith sponsored.
Both Smith and Jones gave speeches to former players from many former players from Jerry Jones’ first Super Bowl in 1989.  Jones focused on the foundation, which would go on to win three Super Bowls in four years.”

Jones stated:

“Since that particular time, without even blinking, what you did as a team, what you evolved into as an individualized team together, that’s what built that stadium, (referring to the $1.2 billion stadium in Arlington).  The Cowboys were special before I ever got here …  and it is special. When you are in this country today … when those Cowboys get on television we’re going in a way that that’s the most watched anything there is in sports in this country.  When you go back to Drew (Pearson) and those great players … they had everything to do with it as well. No one could ever believe that you’d have the visibility and the interest that you got, not only in sports, but in the NFL today. No one ever thought that it would be this and grow into this for the Dallas Cowboys.  As we go into the future, don’t ever forget that you’re a proprietary part of everything we’re going to be about in the future. We couldn’t have done it. We couldn’t have driven the first nail on the stadium and we can’t do the next TV contract had it not been for (all of the players).”

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