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The good and bad on Parcells weighing his options to possibly coach the Saints
By Massimo Russo – Featured Writer Silver and Blue Report & Hook’em Report

Sean Payton and Bill Parcells: New Orleans SaintsBill Parcells has been known to build winners, and should he take the Saints interim coaching spot for his friend Sean Payton, who is in the process of appealing his one year suspension, there’s a good and bad in the grand scheme of his legacy.
Parcells made his mark as one the league’s best coaches leading the New York Giants to their first two Super Bowl titles in 86 and 90. In his post Giants career, Parcells took the New England Patriots, New York Jets and Dallas Cowboys from the bottom to at least playoff contention. Despite turning the Patriots, Jets and Cowboys around to respectability, the future Hall of Fame coach has yet to win a title since the 90/91 season. So with a golden stamped resume on his football life, it’s time for me to go deep inside the helmet and give you the good and bad laying in the balance on his weighing decision to fill the gap as interim coach of the New Orleans Saints.

The Good: Great opportunity for one last chance at winning the Lombardi Trophy considering the Saints are already a title contending team. So not lots of fixing to do as the responsibility he had taking over the Patriots, Jets and Cowboys. And not making the cut as a first ballot Hall of Famer after his five year wait might thirst him to come back and deliver a knockout blow to the Hall of Fame committee. Another title and mainly taking over a team that’s surrounded by the recent media hoopla bounty-gate factor, a positive twist due to a “Tuna” effect will stamp, seal and deliver a worm and welcome first ballot message to the league’s Hall of Fame decision makers.

The Bad: Like life, no guarantees for success in the game of football. Things go bad in this game, even for talented teams like New Orleans. And to take over a team with high talent and have a season go wrong, could potentially put a halt on Parcells’ legacy. Taking over a championship contending team comes at a high price in sports as whole as nothing more is expected from the fans than winning it all. At age 70, the stress factor and responsibility of a 10 month process would be lots of weight on his shoulders, including the bounty-gate circus that will follow the coach during that time frame.

Coach Payton’s appeal for his one year suspension is most likely not to be reduced, and a decision will be made soon on whether or not the team will make an offer to Parcells. If the suspension by any chance gets reduced, and Payton gets a chance to coach in 2012, then the decision to hire Parcells may come to a screeching halt.

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