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The Bounty Scandal Effect
By Massimo Russo – Featured Writer Silver and Blue Report & Hook’em Report

Roger Goodell: NFL, New Orleans Saints, Bounty Scandal Effect

They say money is the root of all evil, and it certainly played huge a role in New Orleans as players have been awarded cash for knocking a player out or two.
The NFL suspended Saints head coach Sean Payton, general manager Mickey Loomis and former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams for paying players to perform bone-crushing hits on their opponents. The players that played a major role in the bounty scandal face potential disciplinary action. The game of football is known to be a brutal sport that has ended player’s careers for legal hits, and laying the smack-down on players for money goes way too far, and the league in my opinion will implement new rules in a game that recently has done everything to protect the quarterback.

The average fan today thinks the league has overly protected quarterbacks, taking away the full physical aspect of the game. And just to add more sugar to the punch, the bounty investigation without a shadow of doubt is on its way for more protection on the games most vital position. Whether the fans like it or not, league Commissioner Roger Goodell, who has already punished the Saints for their trashy ways, will send a message throughout the league and make sure that an act to purposely injure players won’t happen again. And how does this change? New rules.

Sure the game is supposed to be rough, tough football. That aspect should and will never leave, but whenever dirty ways are brought upon and caught in the act, change must be installed to ensure bad things get booted out. The league rule for protecting the quarterback already states that no defensive player who has an unrestricted path to the quarterback may hit him flagrantly in the area of the knees or below when approaching in any direction. Officials are to blow the play dead as soon as the quarterback is clearly in the grasp and control of any tackler and his safety is in jeopardy.

Hits to defenseless receivers, contact between defensive backs and receivers, chop-blocks, helmet-to-helmet hits, and clipping at the line of scrimmage are five major rules the game has changed to avoid injuries. Make no mistake, the league as any other sport needs its star players performing. The game needs healthy Peyton Manning’s, Drew Brees’, Tom Brady’s and many other prime time players for the fans to endure. So if you’re a fan that wants to see the stars shine bright and light up the scoreboard for your fantasy team, then player safety to protect the players from being carted off should be something you want.

As commissioner of the league, it is important to protect the image of the game that Roger Goodell has been working extremely hard at doing. Ways to interest the fans who fill the seats or watching in the living room are one of the key if not most important aspect of the commissioner’s duties outside of protecting players. And if it means to provide rules and regulations to avoid such on the field and off the field acts that tarnish the game, then expect changes to be made in the near future that revolve around the game at its greatest climax.

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