VIDEO: 2011 Dallas Cowboys Theme Song

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VIDEO: 2011 Dallas Cowboys Theme Song
Thanks, WeAreAmericasTeam

Photo - Cowboys Stadium | Dallas CowboysMUST SEE VIDEO for Dallas Cowboys Fans!!!!!

Since I am a Texas Longhorns Fan, I have to disregard the part about Vince Young. ;^)

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2011 Dallas Cowboys Theme Song

Philadelphia, everybody kissing them.
Y’all Marshall Faulk, blah blah blah, no one’s listening.
Dream Team? Yep! Christian Laettner.
It says your World Champs on this piece of paper.
Ron Mexico, gon’ get his bell rung.
Y’all just a torn ligament away from Vince Young.
When I last checked — his game was fresh dung.
The fat lady done sung and left her damn lung.

Rex Grossman, I’m intrigued…
How the hell are you still in the league?
Your whole career is like a car getting keyed.
You’re like an album that I use to break up weed.
You need to bleed. It’s guaranteed.
When we see you we gon’ make sure you succeed.
Hail to the Deadskins. Hail Indeed.
Take all that garbage you were spitting when you leave.

Peyton Manning, about your brother…
Tell the truth, y’all don’t have the same mother.
Or same father, or same any other.
Don’t you worry I’mma keep it under cover.
Call us Elin Woods, we take your whole name.
Take your whole loot, you lose your whole game.
Your caddy beat you, we see your whole shame.
Tears in my cup, I sip your whole pain.

New York Jets, check your history.
Why y’all talk, remains to me a mystery.
Y’all ain’t won since Joe wore them pantyhose.
Rex loved it, cause he could see his toes.
Your squad – is like a vasectomy.
Looking hard, but steady shooting blanks at me.
That explains why your girl want me sexually
I’ll give her back after this free hysterectomy.

Arizona. Hi Kevin Kolb.
I didn’t think that you would ever find another job.
Don’t get comfortable. Cause once you throw the lob.
It won’t be long before your cheeks meet the door-knob.
You overpaid bum. We want a refund.
You’re like a straw that never entered a Capri Sun
Or like a long trigger-pull on a small gun.
Clipboard, fitted cap, yeah you’re all done.

Tom Brady — I really like your hair.
Rainbow on your gut you friggin Care Bear.
I hope you’re sacked 20 times by friggin D. Ware.
Did I just call out the Pats? I think I need prayer.
You know what, never mind — I think I don’t care.
We will thrash any squad and it don’t matter where.
Figure-four on your leg, just call me Ric Flair
And when Giselle take half you know we gon’ share.

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Eric Strull January 15, 2012 at 4:08 pm

Talk and songs are cheap!

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