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Jerry has the Passion, but too much control
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Jason Garrett | Dallas Cowboys: Jerry JonesJerry Jones does have passion to win big, but at the same time has too much control and always has the final say on the decisions the team makes.
In my opinion, the coaching staff this season did a terrible job at managing late game situational football, and it cost them games. Example: Up 24 points against the Lions in the third quarter with the football they stayed in attack mode and elected to throw when they should’ve managed the clock and ran the ball, bad clock management and situational football and ended up losing the game. Against the Patriots with the ball late and a slim 3 point lead and Tom Brady watching on the other sideline, instead of being aggressive, they ran the ball when the run game wasn’t working and punted the ball back to New England giving the game’s best quarterback too much time and lost the game in the final seconds, bad situational management. The Arizona game when Tony Romo connected with Dez Bryant to set up the game winner, instead of natural reaction to call timeout after the catch, they spiked the ball and moments after Jason Garrett ices his own kicker. They miss the second try and then end up losing the game in overtime, when they should’ve won. That’s 3 loses on the coaching staff, but there’s more. Up 12 against the Giants with 5:41 left, Rob Ryan plays press coverage instead going cover two and keeping everything open underneath to make the Giants move the ball methodically and waste more time. Bringing everyone up at the line made them get burned by Victor Cruz and Jake Ballard making the Giants score quick and then scoring again giving up two touchdowns in just under 6 minutes and lost the game on a blocked kick. That’s 4 games on the coaching staff, and Jerry doesn’t even consider it a problem with the team. If I was Jerry I’d step out of the way a little and hire a coach and let him run the show like Bill Cowher.  It’s too late to bring along a coach, who I think would fix it quicker, with Jeff Fisher, but he’s in St. Louis.  Mark my word he’ll turn the Rams into a contender in two years, because he’ll build a team from the inside out, not the outside in unlike Jerry’s thinking.

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