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Dallas Cowboys | Angry: Jerry JonesEmmit Smith is spot on about the Dallas Cowboys‘ mental toughness … not being strong enough for four quarters.
While watching the Giants game, I really noticed it.  So many mental mistakes on our part. From first half penalties, to slow developing plays, and poor defense.  This team lacks true grit.  Heck, I will say it again …. This team lacks true grit!   I wouldn’t say no mental toughness, but none when it counts.  The Cowboys have so much overall team talent, which just keeps underachieving.  Like one of our writers stated, I think Jerry really undermines what this team can do. I can’t say exactly how, but I do know ever since Jerry Jones fired Jimmy Johnson and took total control of this team, he has disappointed. Jerry has done a great job of Marketing the team, but as I remember it, the NFL is about winning big games, going to the playoffs, and winning the Super Bowl!!! I just get so frustrated of the letdowns EVERY YEAR! It starts from the top and rolls downhill. I never hear about about Patriots/Packers/Steelers owners who meddle, nor any other team’s owners who meddle so much. If they do, they sure hide it well from the media. I am tired of mediocrity from the Dallas Cowboys. That is what their legacy has become.

Yes, I am Frustrated in Austin!!!!!  The last time I checked, the NFL is about winning ball games.

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Regina Stultz January 2, 2012 at 10:12 am

I agree! It starts at the top! There are other factors, such as a head coach that is not mature or experienced enough for the shoes he’s in, but the biggest one I would have to say is Jerry Jones sticking his big fat-cat face into parts of the Cowboys “machine” that he has absolutely NO business dealing with. He is a business man, NOT a coach! I now question his business acumen! I love my ‘Boys with all my heart, and feel that the “dynasty” deserves the new stadium. The current team…not so much! Think about it, does it really make good business sense to build a $1.2 billion dollar stadium, and then have such a heavy hand in the process that dictates whether you’ll have a winning or losing team? That stadium could be BIGGER than Dallas and it still won’t change the fact that the team playing in it is a losing team, and the fans hunger for the day when the “Dallas Cowboys” name was both feared and revered! There are so many singular factors that when chosen and put together correctly make a winning team, but unfortunately, Jerry thinks he can have a hand in all of these factors. When Jimmy Johnson coached and took us to 3 Super Bowls, Jerry just sat back like a proud papa and let it be! But for some reason they just started to not be able to “work together” and Johnson was let go. Read: Jerry wants all of the credit, and wants to make the decisions, and Johnson said no way! I’m sure NO ONE tells Jerry no. Even if you did just bring his team 3 Super Bowl championships in 4 years! In my mothers words “way to bite of your nose to spite your face!” To get our beloved ‘Boys back on the right track, it’s going to have to start with Jerry Jones realizing he cannot be the all-powerful man behind the curtain pulling all the levers and pushing all the buttons. And until that realization comes to fruition, that is the ONLY factor that matters!

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