Robert’s 3 Point Stance | What the Dallas Cowboys Need (2of3)


Robert’s 3 Point Stance
What the Dallas Cowboys Need (2 of 3)
Robert Schwartz – Featured Writer Silver and Blue Report & Hook’em Report

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With all the things going our way, what DO the Dallas Cowboys need?  I’m going WAAAYYY out of the box here, but hear me out.

I’ve done dumber things before (FYI, no matter how fancy the vacuum cleaner is, it’s never a good gift idea for the woman in your life.  Speaking of which, why is a fancy power-drill such a great gift for a man?  I’m just going to use it to do stuff she asks for….  At least in Football there are rules that make things fair).  The Cowboys need an Offensive Coordinator.  It might be too much to bring someone in now or hand the reigns over to Wade Wilson, but we desperately need an Offensive Coordinator.

But Robert, we have a very good offense, and Red Ball is the offensive Coordinator as well as the head coach.  The offensive troubles we have had are due to key injuries and new players in a new system.  Our top offensive play makers have all been out or injured most of the season.  You don’t start out 4-1 if your QB has broken ribs and a punctured lung.  You don’t win shoot-outs when Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, Felix Jones, and Tony Romo are all injured and losing playing time.  You don’t roll over teams when your key players are basically together for the first time this year.  New offensive line, new receivers, new running backs.  Heck, our skill players are kindergartners.  The old wily vet is Jason Witten, all of TWENTY EIGHT years old (p.s. Quietly becoming the 2nd best TE all-time statistically, and a better blocker then that lout Gates or that glory-hound Gonzalez).

But Robert, if all that is true, there’s nowhere to go but up!  An O-Co won’t make the team gel together quicker.  It might cause problems with a new system.  It could unbalance the subtle chemistry.  Bringing in new blood could cause friction with JJ and Red Ball!  Balderdash.  1:  There’s three directions we can go; up, down, and sideways. 2: teams don’t gel, shoe inserts gel.  3: Bring in a co-coordinator that compliments the system.  4:  This isn’t freaking cold fusion, it’s FOOTBALL.  5:  A little friction is a good thing sometimes (read into that all you want you sick people).

So why do I think an O-Co is just what the doctor ordered?  Anticipation of the snap count.  What?  Even I got whiplash writing that.  Jason Garrett is the head coach.  He’s responsible for 1000’s of decisions each week.  You can tell, because the plays come in late, the offense breaks the huddle late, and the QB and Center (or Kosier if you’re the Boys) start to read the defense late.  You don’t believe me?  Watch a Cowboys game.  How often do we start the snap count with 3-4 seconds left?  Now watch the Patriots.  They usually break huddle and line up with 14 seconds left.  If the Defense shifts, there’s time to make sight-adjustments or call an audible.  As it stands now, watch how often Romo has to call time when the Defense shifts.  I guarantee they broke the huddle with 7 seconds left on the play clock.  With 3-4 seconds to make calls, sight-adjustments and reads, the defense knows when the ball is going to be snapped.  When there’s 2 seconds left on the clock, the Defense doesn’t have to anticipate the snap, they have a freakin signed invitation.

What does an O-Co do?  They work with the Head Coach and Quarterback to scheme the game plan.  One more brilliant offensive mind in that room never hurts, and it always helps deflect friction from QB/Head Coach to O-Co/Head Coach.  This lets the QB throw and run.  Which is, after all, why he’s here.  Watch old film of our glory years.  Turner and his mentor Zampese sat in a booth staring at video and stills of all formations and the defensive adjustments.  They plan what to do in a hundred scenarios when the D is on the field.  They cobble together a series of plays that will work on the fly based on what the Defense is giving you.

They have a slew of plays ready for any possibility.  The Head Coach is, well, Coaching when the D is on the field.  He can’t possibly torture the numbers, the stills, and the tendencies during the game, he’s standing on the sideline being all head-coachy.

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