Robert’s 3 Point Stance | What the Dallas Cowboys Need (3of3)


Robert’s 3 Point Stance
What the Cowboys Need (3 of 3)
Robert Schwartz – Featured Writer Silver and Blue Report & Hook’em Report
What the Cowboys Need (3 of 3)
I love what Hudson Houck has done with the line for the Dallas Cowboys. My biggest question mark heading into the season was Houck, not the young big uglies.

To flog the donkey again, superstar O-Lineman are as useful as nipples on a man. This group is playing like a great team, and it’s all Hudson Houck’s doing.
I love what Rob Ryan is doing with the defense. He’s lining up Ware all over the place (something everyone promised to do but never did), he’s letting the Middle LB’s cover the middle zone, and we’re not giving up more then 2 awful passing plays a game. I love what Jerry Jones is doing with the talent. Re-Vamping an O-Line that was all pro? Cutting Barber and Choice? Admitting Williams was a mistake? All great decisions and great draft moves.
And to be fair I love what Red Ball (Jason Garrett) is doing. I’d like to see him do it more. And that is to be the head coach of the world’s greatest football team. With an O-Co he can focus on THAT. Ideally, the plan has been installed and the play-calling has been agreed on by the staff and the QB. The Head Coach doesn’t have to call every play to have his plays called when he wants them. There’s a ton of talented position coaches out there that can call a good game. Get one of them. Find a guy that has the same philosophy and can coach the same system that Red Ball put in over the last 4 years. It’s a good system.
With an O-Co we break the huddle with 14 seconds on the clock. The D makes it’s shifts with 5-6 seconds left, giving the Offense the “final move”. Lining up with 5-6 seconds left gives the Defense the “final move”. It’s called initiative, and you don’t have to roll 1d6 to win it. The head coach never has time to pore over ever still of every pre-snap formation or adjustment. It just isn’t possible. You need a Nerd with a Plan sitting in a booth and dealing with the QB. If we want to turn the December curse around, maybe we should start by confusing the defense instead of being confused by them? Personally, I’d go find out what Mark Stepnoski is doing nowadays and give him a seat in the booth and see what can happen. Who is Mark Stepnoski? Go kill yourself. Please.
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