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Randy’s Cowboys Blog
Tony Romo and Emmitt Smith
By Randy Maltz – Founder/Editor Silver and Blue Report & Hook’em Report

Tony Romo | Dallas CowboysTony Romo on discussing the Dallas Cowboys mental toughness more than once this season …

“We had a big game at San Francisco earlier in the year.  It felt like a must-win at that time, and we went out there and laid it on the line, and the team won, and we were trailing late in that game. So there was a lot of mental toughness in that game. I think we went up to Washington in a game that was big for us there and showed a lot of mental toughness there. This football team just has a way of keep coming back and keep grinding. Obviously, it comes down to a game like this. That’s why you play sports. That’s why you play this game, is to be involved in games that can allow you to keep going on and playing. I know it’s fun for us to prepare for a game like this.”

The Cowboys have had fourth-quarter leads in five of their seven losses. That includes double-digit, fourth-quarter leads against the Jets, the Lions and the Giants.

Emmit Smith, Dallas Cowboys legendary Hall of Fame running back, was interviewed on ESPN.  Smith talked about the Cowboys’ mental toughness.  Smith points to those close games as reasons for questioning mental toughness.

“Talent-wise, I think they have it.  Leadership-wise, they have some good leaders on the ball club. Do they have enough? Probably not. Can they go up to New York and be mentally tough in this situation? I think Jason [Garrett] has done a very good job of preparing the guys to be physically and hopefully mentally tough, but I think mental toughness is the thing needed in games like this. Mental toughness for four quarters or five quarters, if you have to go that far. But that’s something our Cowboys have not been able to do in close games. And that’s where mental toughness comes into play.”

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Frank January 1, 2012 at 10:58 pm

Emmit is spot on. Watching the Giants game, and i call it that because they come to play. So many mental mistakes on our part. From first half penalties to slow developing plays and poor defense, this team lacks true grit. I wouln’t say no mental toughness, but none when it counts. So much overall team talent that just underachieves. Like one of your writers said, i think Jerry really undermines what this team can do. I can’t say exactly how, but i do know this, ever since JERRY fired Jimmy Johnson and took total control of this team, it has disappointed. Jerry has done a great job of MARKETING the team, but as i remember it, the NFL is about winning big games, going to the playoffs, and winning the Super Bowl!!! I just get so tired of the letdowns EVERY YEAR? It starts from the top and rolls downhill. I never hear about about Patriot/Packer/Steeler owners that meddle. If they do, they sure hide it well from the media. I just hate that I have had to get used to mediocraty from the Dallas Cowboys. That is what their legacy has become.

Frustrated in Austin!!!!!

to the playoffs and win. And last time i checked, the NFL is about winning ball games.

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