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Rob Ryan and the Philadelphia Eagles with LeSean McCoy
By Randy Maltz – Founder/Editor Silver and Blue Report & Hook’em Report

Dallas Cowboys Defensive Coordinator, Rob Ryan on Philadelphia Eagles’ LeSean McCoy as the best running back he’s coached against:

“Absolutely. By far. No question,” he said. “And my guys give me heck because you can’t throw enough bouquets to the guy. He’s tough, he’s quick, he’s everything. I saw Barry Sanders kill us one game, and then I saw this kid, and I never noticed the difference except the decal. The guy’s fantastic.”

Rob Ryan rested didn’t need Jay Ratliff (strained muscle in his rib cage) and DeMarcus Ware (stinger) against the Bucs. They will be needed the next two weeks.

“I knew going [into the Bucs game], they weren’t going to play much.  I think Ware played seven plays, had three tackles, a tackle for loss and a sack. I said, ‘Ok, time to get out; you’re not feeling well.’ I mean, the guy’s phenomenal. And Jay, you know, is so banged up, but he’s such a warrior. You’ve got to pull him off. We’re excited.  Are we at full strength? Hey, nobody is this time of year. We’re as close to full strength as you could possibly be at this time of year. Again, we don’t have to make excuses. All we got to do is play great. That’s all.”

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