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Jerry Jones & the playoffs
By Randy Maltz – Founder/Editor Silver and Blue Report & Hook’em Report

Jerry Jones | Dallas Cowboys: Jason Garrett and Tony Romo at Cowboys Stadium

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones admits he will be scoreboard watching.

“I’ll whisper in their ear for them,” Jones joked about his team not watching the Jets-Giants result. “But we’re all interested in how that game comes out, and that’s natural. I know are fans are, and we are, and of course, it creates an interesting dynamic there for our last couple of games. I’m certainly looking with interest at that ball game.”

This time last year, the Cowboys were out of the race. That’s why being in control of their playoff destiny is that much sweeter this year.

“I feel like it [last year] was yesterday, and I have a feeling that our team, everybody that went through last year remembers those feelings,” Jones said. “It’s an empty feeling, and you’ve got to manufacture some cheer when you’re dealing with that situation, when you know you’re basically through. We don’t have that now. I think that provides inspiration and relates to your effort on the field. I really admire teams that step out. I know the first year I was involved with the Dallas Cowboys, Al Davis and John Madden called me and said you didn’t lose the team. You won one football team, but they were real impressed that we didn’t lose the team. Those guys were getting after it the last game Green Bay out here on Christmas Eve. You have the opposite of that, where we are now, in contention. I just want to be having this feeling in January.”

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