Robert’s 3 Point Stance | Offense and Play Calling (3 of 4)

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Robert’s 3 Point Stance
Offense and Play Calling (3 of 4)
Robert Schwartz – Featured Writer Silver and Blue Report & Hook’em Report

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The Offense
Like my many Dallas Cowboys blogs last year comparing the play selection run/pass to our victories, it’s amazing but when we run the ball well, we don’t make mistakes in the passing game.
Listen up Tony Romo. The ball belongs to the team, not YOU. To make another quote “We don’t need no superstar quarterbacks.” Are you listening Tony? Don’t try to be Brett Favre. Try to be Aaron Rogers. Three years ago we saw it with the 13-3 season. Romo can win you some games, but he has to learn the difference between taking a risk with a big reward, and trying to rush for 1 more yard at the 2 yard line when all we need is a field goal (hint, he fumbled and we didn’t get OT). It’s easy to be mediocre when your QB is Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Pick 6.

The running game is working better then the final 6 games of last year. That’s hard to do. Personally, I was shocked and awed when they put this Murray character 2nd in the rotation. Since Jones went down, he’s proving that the Cowboys scouts are doing a good job. We need 25-35 running plays a game. If we get that many, Romo will have time to make good decisions.

My first blog this year was about “Five ‘just guys’ playing as one unit. Early on our Line Play was ATROCIOUS. The last 4 games, the new line is starting to sync up. Even Holland who is a perennial underachiever with bad mechanics who started the season as a backup is playing to his potential. Serious! His footwork is solid and his hand fighting is impressive. He’s got a good feel for the blocking schemes and follows the Line Calls (I believe Kosier is still calling protection with Rookie Costa in the middle. I think we have five “just guys” with lunch pails hard hats and an AMAZING turnaround in technique, teamwork, and effort. The first game these guys couldn’t hand-off internal lineman to get to block the ends and blitzers. Now they play beautiful “inside out” pass protection seamlessly handing rushers off to each other to clog up the middle blitz and take the pressure off the tackles. Oh my our young bookends are looking like Mark Tuinei and Erik Williams (for you young folks out there, I’d say “Google it” but really you should be ashamed).

Play Calling. I don’t know what was up the first ¼ of the season. Red Ball was not making very good play calls and I question some of his decisions. The last 3 games have been called very well. In the chess match behind the slaughterhouse that is football, Red Ball has gotten considerably better.

Then we have Romo. Oh Romo, you are an enigma wrapped in a mystery. I was watching the Lions game, and Romo personally handed over the game to the Lions. If he kneels every play in the 2nd half we win. We’ll never rise from mediocrity and win the division if Romo can’t stop trying to be Favre. Even Favre was never Favre. The gunslinger kills as much as he gets killed. We don’t need no superstar quarterbacks. Romo’s consistency is the solution to mediocrity.

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Steve Bell November 19, 2011 at 7:53 pm

Why doesn’t this guy go write for the Eagles or Giants? We know what we have in Romo. He is a top-of-the-secind-tier quarterback with some really good receivers and we can win with him. If this blogger is one of your new recruits, you should waive him.

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