Robert’s 3 Point Stance | Next 3 Games (2of4)


Robert’s 3 Point Stance
Next 3 Games (2 of 4)
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The Next Three Games … I can’t remember when the Dallas Cowboys season came down to something this clear cut during mid-season. Sure at the end of a season there’s always jockeying for position, trying to make a late run against divisional teams for the NFL Playoffs.  Hear that Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett, and Tony Romo.
About 33 teams are on the bubble until week 16, then the following week the thrill is gone and the starters take a seat on the bench.

I’m going to make a BOLD statement. The next three games are our season. It’s make or break. This might sound like an overstatement, but give me a chance here. The division champs in the NFC are already decided. The Saints hold a position too strong for Atlanta. Green Bay and San Francisco are locked in as champs. Heck, if San Fran forfeits the rest of their games they’ll win that division. Which leaves the NFC east, the toughest division in Football year in and year out.

As it stands we are only 1 game out of the lead. We don’t have to jump any teams to get there. It’s a 1 game swing. We play the Giants twice in the last 4 games. We trail by 1 game. If we split the series then it’s a net/net loss and the division record comes into play. I hate this because your fate is in the hands of the computers. We win both of those games, then we are the NFC champs. Only if we win the next three games.

Here’s the kicker. They always say that great teams win games against poor teams when it counts. Washington. The hated Redskins. This week. Cakewalk. Unless Evil Romo shows up. Then all bets are off. But this HAS to be a win. Miami afterwords. This could be problematic with a western team traveling East, but thankfully we get the Fins at home. I’d be surprised if they even find the City of Dallas but if they do, this should be a “w” in the bank. Unless we pull an “Eagles” or a “Lions”. Which could happen. Finally, Arizona with a backup QB and a banged up running game and not much of a defense. This is a game that Good Teams MUST win when they have to. And we have to.

So, we win the next three games or we blow them with bad decisions, sloppy play, and poor effort. It’s happened this year, don’t pretend this team doesn’t tank games. It comes with Mediocrity. At that point we’re 8-4 and cruising. The Giants face Philly, The New Orleans Breeses, and Green Bay. Philly will play the Giants hard, but Vick is Sick and deserves to be locked up in a dog cage and beaten. The Giants will handle their business. Then comes Capt. Drew and the New Orleans brute squad. Let’s be straight. The Giants offense can’t outscore NO. The Giants defense is banged up and no match for NO. This should be a 7-12 point victory over the Giants. Then you get the Packers. There are 2 scenarios. 1: the Packers lose a game and 16-0 is off the table, and they’re looking to take it out on someone. 2: They are still undefeated and playing for the ultimate season. In which case, they’re looking to take it out on someone. Either way, the Giants lose this game. Take that to the bank.

So after the next three games, the Boys could be 8-4 and the Giants could be 7-5. We’ll be on our way to hosting a wild-card round game. If we tank the next three games then we’re 6-5 and we have to beat the Giants in two of the last 4 games. So this mid-season is critical because we can take the power away from New York and even split the series but still win the division.

OR…. We will continue to be mediocre and end up 8-8 or 9-7 or 7-9. What three factors will contribute to continued mediocrity or excellence? Well I’M GLAD YOU ASKED because I have all the answers.

First, the required quote:
“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”
– Aristotle (coached the Greek All-Star team)

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