Robert’s 3 Point Stance | Hooray for Mediocrity (1 of 4)


Robert’s 3 Point Stance
Hooray for Mediocrity (1 of 4)
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Hooray for mediocrity.  Half the people you know are below average. Half of the NFL football teams are below average. I’d like to celebrate mediocrity today.

Hooray for mediocrity! Halfway through the season and our Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones have basically a .500 team. The last few weeks make it seem like we might be knocking on the door. Early in the season, the Jets and the Detroit game could have easily been wins. The Eagles game was horrible. This is mediocrity. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose, but you end up in the middle of the pack.

Personally, I’d rather root for the best team ever in the world with a guaranteed Super Bowl win. I’d even rather root for a bad team like last year. You see the youth movement and you see some improvements by the end of the year. You get good draft position, and you have HOPE. The problem with mediocrity is that, even though it’s better than ½ the teams, it’s also worse than ½ the teams.

Except……. We did almost beat the New England Patriots, Detroit Lions, and N.Y. Jets. These are three playoff teams. Almost beating a team is like almost having dinner. You got close, but damn your hungry!

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