Robert’s 3 Point Stance | Defense and Conclusion (4 of 4)


Robert’s 3 Point Stance
Defense and Conclusion (4 of 4)
Robert Schwartz – Featured Writer Silver and Blue Report & Hook’em Report

Dallas Cowboys | Dallas Cowboys defense: Cowboys Stadium

The Defense
I don’t have much to say about the defense. We looked better against the pass when Lee was manning the middle, but we didn’t look great.
Our corners have come around and are healthy. They’re a potent pair. Now that they’re both healthy, we’re seeing real Rob Ryan press coverage. This disrupts the timing and gives the Big Uglies time to PWN (own) the Quarterback.

The one problem I have with the Defense is that big sucking whole in the middle of the zone that Wade Phillips and Rob Ryan have been unable to fill. We never had this problem with Darren Woodson. Darren Woodson belongs in the hall of fame but the suck-wads that run that bamboozle won’t even consider him. Check his career regular season stats and his postseason stats and then compare that to other safeties in the Hall. Three rings, all the stats, a long career. He was ½ of the heart and soul of our championship teams.

Can we plug the big sucking whole? Can we man up the corners and plug up the passing lanes in the middle? Can we finally scheme a way to stop the 15 yard skinny post to the sucking whole, aka “seam in the zone”. Now I know seams. My pants have seams. They’re small and tight. They’re not 15 yards wide-open like the Cowboy’s seams.

1) Win next three games, take it from there
2) Murray good, Romo inconsistent, Jones hurt, and Dez Bryant is a freak
3) Sucking whole in the middle.

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