Kim Kardashian | Oddsmaker: Bet on Which Athlete She Will Date Next


Not really related to my Texas Longhorns and Dallas Cowboys but very interesting. Hook ’em Horns and Go Cowboys! Enjoy both the Hook ’em Report and Silver and Blue Report…. Randy

Oddsmaker: Bet on Which Athlete Kim Kardashian Will Date Next
By Larry Brown
Larry Brown Sports
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Kim KardashianNow’s your chance to think like a publicist. If you were working with Kim Kardashian and your job were to get her on as many magazine covers as possible, and to keep her television ratings high, whom would you choose for her next boyfriend?

See, this isn’t about Kimmy finding love so much as it is about properly casting a role in someone’s life that doubles as a reality show.

The sports betting site Bodog has posted odds regarding Kim K’s next relationship. Here is the list via SI Hot Clicks:

Kim Kardashian’s next boyfriend will be?
Professional Athlete: 3/2
Professional Actor: 2/1
Professional Musician: 3/1

If Kim Kardashian’s next boyfriend is a professional athlete what sport will he play?
Football: 1/2
Baseball: 5/2
Basketball: 7/2
Soccer: 10/1
Golf: 15/1
Tennis: 20/1
Hockey: 25/1


What will happen first?
Kim Kardashian gets engaged again: 1.4/1
Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom file for divorce: 2.7/1

Will Kim Kardashian date Tiger Woods, Ashton Kutcher or Jessie James in 2011-2012?
Yes: 20/1

I’m not a gambling man, and Kim K is not my area of expertise, but I’ll give it my best shot. I’m guessing they’re looking to change things up after going with an athlete. I’d say she goes with an actor next, though I can’t be certain — athletes seem to be a winning formula for the Kardashians. I’d say football in the sport and that Lamar and Khloe break up first. We’ll see what happens, but as they say in Vegas, gentlemen … place your bets.

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