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Crazy Train, Right?
Frank Berlanga – Featured Writer Silver and Blue Report & Hook’em Report

Cowboys Stadium | Dallas CowboysHow is this possible?  This is absolutely crazy!!  I feel like I am taking the “Crazy Train“.This is exactly, why I get so frustrated with my Dallas Cowboys team.

I can’t believe this team is so undisciplined. What gives, guys? I love my Cowboys and could not do without them, but they drive me crazy. Penalties which kill drives, 4 year veteran tight ends (rhymes with Bartellus Mennett) who can’t catch a perfectly thrown ball (Jimmy Johnson would have cut him Monday morning), and now our most gifted receiver, Dez Bryant, cannot even run the correct routes! Why are these guys paid so much, when they can’t even perform the most basic of tasks?!?!! Where is the pride? They are practicing, right?

I’m tired of watching my Cowboys with a nervous twitch on Sunday’s. My wife thinks I’m nuts … maybe I am. They say everything starts at the top….well Jerry Jones?  JJ seems to be letting Jason Garrett run the show, so what gives JG? I know we’re almost midway through the season, but I feel half cooked.  Thoughts?

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