Exclusive Snickers Interview: Leon Lett (2of2)


Exclusive Interview: Leon Lett, formerly of Dallas Cowboys (2 of 2)
Leon Lett’s Redemption Party Sponsored by Snickers (11-24-11)
Sandy Yoss – Featured Reporter & Writer Silver and Blue Report & Hook’em Report

Dallas Cowboys | Leon Lett


Sandy: So now that you are moving on, do you have greater aspirations to moving up in the coaching ranks?

Leon Lett: Coaching is my passion. Football is my passion. I love it and I have a great time on the field working with the guys. There is no greater feeling then helping a guy get over the hump or may lack the confidence or may need a little help with his technique here or there. The approach to coaching is hard work. You have to grind it out every week. Preparation, preparation, preparation. And that is what Jason Garrett instills in his staff and his team. Prepare, prepare, prepare. The results are happening for him.

Sandy: I noticed that you went back and got your college degree a couple of years ago. Did someone influence you to do that or was it something that you always wanted to do?
Leon: I wanted to do it. I was trying to find the right time to go ahead and finish up. It was just the right time and a good friend of mine, Andre Patterson, was the Defensive Line Coach at University of Nevada in Las Vegas. A great friend and he worked with me here with The Dallas Cowboys and I went out to visit him and got a chance to hang out with the guys and it felt great. It felt great giving some of my knowledge of the game to the younger players and now to have this opportunity to continue to move forward. I am loving it.

Sandy: If you could re-write history, what would you want people to remember you for?
Leon: I would say that I am a resilient person. A hard working person. A caring friend. A father. Just 100% stand-up guy.

Sandy: So keeping on the Snickers theme, which one of your head coaches likes Snicker’s the most?
Leon: Rob Ryan gives me (people laugh around us). Rob is a great guy, once again. I cannot say enough about him for giving me this opportunity is great. The Snicker guy would have to be Ben Bloom. Ben Bloom is the guy. (Pauses) Well, thanks man. We are good.

Sandy: Thank you. We appreciate it.  Thank you to Snickers, Jerry Jones, and the Dallas Cowboys.

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