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(SEE VIDEO) I want to welcome another “Featured Writer” to the Silver and Blue Report team … Welcome, Frank!  Randy

Frank’s Cowboys Blog
Same Old Song and Dance
Frank Berlanga – Featured Writer Silver and Blue Report & Hook’em Report

Cowboys Stadium | Dallas CowboysEvery heard that Aerosmith song … “Same Old Song and Dance“?  My Dallas Cowboys are becoming a never ending frustrating team to watch.  My Boys … Jerry Jones, Tony Romo, and Jason Garrett are driving me crazy!

It seems like I watch the opposing teams rise to the occasion (over and over), while my Boys just fall apart or just never “punch anyone in the mouth”.  Another great defense scheme against an elite team, only to see our offense lays another egg. This must change quickly or my hair will quickly turn completely gray.  Jerry Jones … do something!  I watch these games because I “bleed Silver and Blue” and the Cowboys will always be my team, since the days of the “Manster”, Randy White. I’ll never bandwagon. But it’s hard to get excited unless they get some “W’s” (wins).  It seems I am always waiting for the mental breakdown from the offense or coach Garrett.  Yes, I am frustrated, but I will get over it.  Frank in Austin … OUT!!!

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