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By Nicco Martinez – Co-Editor Silver and Blue Report & Hook’em Report


I have to question Jason Garrett on the final half of the 4th qtr.

It was fairly obvious that the Jets linebacking and safety corp had absolutely no answer for Jason Witten and John Phillips. Combine this knowledge with the fact that Dez Bryant was purely a multimillion dollar decor. Yet, after the Jets blocked the punt, Dallas did not attack the Jets blitz with the TEs nor with the screen pass.

Then to compound things worse, on Tony Romo’s interception pass, that was meant for Dez but went to Revis…….Jason Garrett called a pass play where an injured Dez was the primary receiver and Jason Witten stayed in to block. Then Tony Romo made the dumb decision to continue to throw to Dez way beyond his first half injury. Did anyone tell Romo that Dez had been injured 2 hours earlier???? Did anyone tell Jason Garrett the same thing????

Tyron Smith, lol, didn’t all of his fans say, when he was drafted, that he never committed any false start penalties and he never was called for holding…… Tyron may have a bright future some day, but “some day” for a lottery pick 1st round draft choice is actually “today”. But today, Tyron was stinky.

Tony Romo, what are you thinking???? You looked like a rookie out there! Could not get the ball snapped before numerous delay of games. And then by waiting until there’s 1 sec on the play clock allows the opponent to gauge to snap and get off the ball more quickly. You lost the offensive advantage of surprise but preferring to snap the ball with one second left on the pay clock. The other thing that happens with delay of game penalties and the like is the obvious, even though you were frustrated to find yourself in 3rd & 8, now you find yourself in 3rd & 13…and sometimes 3rd & 13 turned into 3rd and 18. Romo needs to have a sense of urgency.

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Steve September 11, 2011 at 11:53 pm

Calling Garrett’s off playcalling out seems reactionary at best, video game style at worst. There are dozens of changes that happen after the the off and def lines up so it’s simplistic to say just throw to the TEs on every play. If Romo protected the ball and special teams blocked better, you’re looking at a 27-17 lead late 4th qtr with a better chance to win.

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