Dallas Cowboys | No Wonder Tony Romo is Feelin’ Gansta


No Wonder Tony Romo Is Feelin’ Gangsta
by Nick Spano
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Dallas Cowboys | Tony Romo

When Washington Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall (who sucks btw, I mean just look at the stats) got all gutter on Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys this week, saying he was gunnin’ after Tony Romo’s beat up ribs, I for one didn’t expect Tony to get all gangster on DeAngelo. Check out Romo’s shot at Hall today when speaking to the fatty, Peter King.

“If DeAngelo wants to blitz, that will be a little bit less in their pass overage,” he said while smiling. “By all means, he’s welcome to blitz. That’s part of the game. Anybody who plays this game knows that. I wouldn’t put myself out there if I didn’t think I could take a hit to the ribs and keep going.” – Basically Tony is saying, you want to take a shot at me….I’m throwing right over your head….bitch.

Yikes….okay this has to be said. I’m sorry, to be honest I don’t buy the whole “Tony had a collapsed lung” nonsense. I believe it was all made up by Jerry Jones and the Cowboys PR guys so that Romo, who usually punks out in the final minutes, can be the hero for a change. Not blaming them, it’s actually smart. I mean seriously….if you have a collapsed lung, there is NO WAY you can go back on the field and run around and play football, I mean it’s literally impossible to breathe. A real collapsed lung would keep any football player out for the majority of or at worst the whole season. Good try though Tony, I’m sure you have some other idiots fooled….but not this idiot.

Now while I don’t buy the collapsed lung part, I do buy the fractured ribs. Believe me, the ribs alone hurt like no other. It makes everyday normal functions like breathing, coughing and sneezing seem like someone is stabbing you in the chest, so the fact that he is playing this week is pretty gangster by Tony. There HAS to be something up there. Tony is way to soft to play without having a bulletproof or a piece of metal strapped to him right? …. Right.

Tony will be rockin’ a kevlar vest, made specially by Impact Gel on Monday night when he takes the field against DeAngelo Hall’s Redskins. According to the dude you’ll see in the video below, there will be a layer of gel between two layers of carbon fiber in the vest.


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