Charles Haley | Butting heads with Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer


Charles Haley: On butting heads with Jimmy Johnson and his respect for Barry Switzer
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Dallas Morning News

Former Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman Charles Haley joined KESN-FM 103.3 recently. Here are some highlights

On Barry Switzer:

Charles Haley: No Barry Switzer was a passionate guy. I love me some Barry Switzer now. Even on my death bed, you got a gun to my head, you’ll never hear me say one bad thing about Barry Switzer. He was a real man. Whether you like him or not, if you got any character, you’ll be on the right side, cause he keeps it real.

How about you and Jimmy Johnson?

Charles Haley: I love Jimmy Johnson. We butted heads. We’re alpha males. I think sometimes, I’m one of those guys where you gotta pull me back in. Coach did that. It depends on how he did it. If he did it one-on-one, we’re good. I didn’t like being belittled in front of people. I have total respect for coach Johnson. He took the Dallas Cowboys to two Super Bowls with the youngest class of people, with just draft picks. He had to keep his foot on that neck the whole time and his foot in their butts the rest of the time. He couldn’t rest. There was always something dumb going on. You have to stay on these young guys to get them to be great. They don’t have direction. Jimmy was more of a father figure to those guys. Jimmy had to spoonfeed them everything.

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