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Cowboys DE Jason Hatcher Live Tweeted Being Trapped In An Elevator
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I can think of few things that would be more annoying than getting trapped in a stuck elevator. Plummeting to your death in a malfunctioning elevator being one of them. But NFL Dallas Cowboys defensive end Jason Hatcher found himself in the former predicament and fortunately not the latter when he became stuck in an elevator on Monday night for 15 minutes until the fire department came to his assistance and freed him from his metallic box of bondage.

What made it worse for the trapped Cowboy? He claims he is claustrophobic. Ouch.

Fortunately for his Twitter followers, Hatcher provided updates regarding his status. A rundown of Hatcher’s live tweet fest (via The Dallas Morning News):

  • Im stuck in the elevator.. They can’t get me out til the people get here in 15 min.. Smh!!! I got sleep to get!!!!
  • The fire department are come get me out!!! Smh!!! What a night!!!!
  • Look at my friends who got me out the elevator.. Whew!!! I’m glad I’m out!!! Lmao!!!
  • Thanks to all my followers for your support while I was in the elevator.. Mean alot to me.. Y’all kept me sane.. I’m claustrophobic!! Lmao!!

Hatcher recanted his tale on Tuesday during an interview on KESN-FM:

“It was just me, man,” he said. “I got on there and I pushed my floor and it dropped down just a little bit, and I was like, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me. This can’t be happening.’ So I broke the inside door open and I started yelling and luckily some security guys were there and they was able to call the fire department and they was able to come rescue Big Hatch.”

Wow. Quite the harrowing ordeal. Glad to find out everything turned out okay. And thankfully for Hatcher, he didn’t end up having the traumatic experience what this guy had to go through. Yowsers.


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