Robert’s 3 Point Stance | Shut Up Already (2)


Robert’s 3 Point Stance
Shut Up Already (2 of 3)
Robert Schwartz – Featured Writer Silver and Blue Report & Hook’em Report
disclaimer: Written on 7/29/2011, in 2 hours, we might have …

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Shut Up Already (2 of 3)
What the Dallas Cowboys Should do in 2011
First, stop being stupid.  You blew your whole 2011 salary cap to hell and took yourself out of the big name hunt in Free Agency during that wacky “uncapped year”.  So it’s not surprising we’re not really in the hunt for the big names.  That doesn’t mean you can’t get some great “system” players at reasonable prices over the weekend.  Think about it like day-old-donuts.  Still damn tasty but ½ price!  JJ, buddy.  I’m talking to you.  DONT BE STUPID.  Let’s see what happens by Monday.


Running Game
All We Can Say is: Give Choice a Chance.

Passing Game
Jake Delhomme is available.  But Robert, we should have Tom Brady be our backup QB.  I got two words for you, and they rhyme with Jon Kitna.  Look at what’s out there.  Kerry Collins?  Hmm… Brett Favre is available.  Maybe we could coax Brad Johnson out of retirement?

When you talk about the receivers, you’re talking addition by subtraction.  Speaking of subtraction, lets hope that the next time JJ gets lypo, they’ll suck the brain cells responsible for Roy Williams.

The Big Uglies
Leonard Davis and Marc Columbo were too expensive for what they are.  Think more like day-old-crap.  It doesn’t smell that bad but it’s still crap.  They’ll be on some roster next year.  I don’t know about 2013.  I love the new tackle (sorry rook, your just “the tackle” deal with it) and we’ve got some options at guard.  There’s some younger day-old-linemen out there that need a little work but could be serviceable.  Don’t be surprised to see JJ sign a swing guard/center and a tackle.

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