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Top 10 Owners in the NFL
By Randy Maltz – Founder and Editor at Silver and Blue Report and Hook’em Report

During this 2011 offseason, ESPN has ranked the top 10 Owners in the National Football League (NFL).  How do the Top 10 Owners in the NFL stack up? The NFL experts at ESPN weighed in with its rankings and here are the results.  The Dallas Cowboys Owner, Jerry Jones, ranked eighth.
Here are some reasons why voters ranked Jerry Jones ranked eighth …


1)  Forbes ranked the Cowboys the world’s fourth-greatest sports brand behind only the New York Yankees, Manchester United and Real Madrid. Their estimated brand value was $128 million more than the NFL average and $15 million more than the Eagles and Giants combined.

2) Forbes estimated the Cowboys franchise was worth $1.8 billion, nearly $300 million more than the next-closest NFL club, the Washington Redskins.

3) Jones also serves as general manager. That puts him in control of every business and personnel decision.  One voters saw that as a drawback.

4) “Jerry Jones is more involved in football operations than an owner ideally would be,” Sando said. “He has shown questionable judgment in hiring head coaches. His involvement in football operations had made those coaches’ jobs tougher. Jones dispatched with Tom Landry harshly and later failed to sustain the success Jimmy Johnson orchestrated.

5) “Also on Jones’ watch, the Cowboys have suffered through the practice-bubble catastrophe, a Super Bowl experience that produced poor reviews and a video purporting to show Jones’ drunken antics in a bar. Jones also was part of the NFL Management Council Executive Committee when the league agreed to the ill-fated 2006 collective bargaining agreement. Overall, the team hasn’t enjoyed enough success recently to say the ends justify the means.”

6) One voter stated, “But the fact is the Cowboys really haven’t been all that relevant for a long time. Part of that is due to Jones.

7) Another voters stated, “He’s done some good things and the new stadium is fabulous, but he’s been way too hands-on with that franchise and he’s run through lots of good coaches and players without any real results.”Here is the list, enjoy!  Randy

Ranking the Owners

1. Rooney family, Pittsburgh Steelers
2. Robert Kraft, New England Patriots
3. Packers’ executive committee
4. Mara/Tisch, New York Giants
5. Jeffrey Lurie, Philadelphia Eagles
6. Steve Bisciotti, Baltimore Ravens
7. Jim Irsay, Indianapolis Colts
8. Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys
9. Arthur Blank, Atlanta Falcons
10. Woody Johnson, New York Jets


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