Herschel Walker: ‘I could still play [football] today and help a team out’


Herschel Walker: ‘I could still play [football] today and help a team out’
By SportsdayDFW
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Herschel Walker (left) and Josh Barnett

Former Dallas Cowboy and Heisman Trophy running back Herschel Walker took some time out of his schedule to chat about the Cowboys and his upcoming Strikeforce fight against main event competitor Josh Barnett. Here are some of the highlights from the chat.

Herschel, do you think you’re in better physical condition now than when you were playing football and could physically withstand the punishment of football?

Yes. Yes. I am in better shape. And I said it publicly: I could play today and help a team out. There is no doubt in my mind. People who do not about football, running backs used to play the whole game. Today they play 60%. I am telling kids today learn to catch the ball. Most RBs can’t catch so they get pulled out on third down. I know I couldn’t play a whole game, but I could contribute a lot.

Do you find what you do to be savage violence? Are you concerned what that says to your young audience?

I have an 11-year-old and I explain what the sport is. I don’t this is as violent as football or boxing. There are more injuries in those sports. We have to help people understand what MMA is. They see blood and they just assume it’s a violence sport. You can bleed just because you get a cut and you’re warm. Just because a guy is cut, the guy might not be injured. One of the things we hate as Americans is we hate blood. But it is a chess match between two individuals that have to be intelligent. You can be a brute and win sometimes.

Herschel, can you talk about your typical diet and workout regiment?

At least 5 hours (workout). I only eat one meal a day, some days I don’t eat. I am not a big eater. I don’t think about food. People worry too much about diet. I worry about getting the job done. If I am hungry I eat. If not, I don’t. I’m up at about 4:30 a.m. and before I go out for my morning jog, I do 500 pushups, 1,000 situps and a little jump rope before a four mile jog.

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