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Inaugural Jimmy Bowl a Success for Crown Royal
By Nicco Martinez – Our own featured writer at Silver and Blue Report and Hook’em Report and

ARLINGTON, TX – The headed to Cowboys Stadium to join a select few in media to report on the inaugural Crown Royal Jimmy Bowl. This exclusive event was hosted by legendary two-time Super Bowl winning coach Jimmy Johnson, international spokesperson for Crown Royal.  And in Jimmy Bowl I, dreams were made reality for two lucky flag football teams through the workings of Crown Royal.

Check this out: A nation-wide contest, film a video and submit it in hopes of being two guys in a thousand to be hand-picked to participate, joining the winning video makers are their best, most fortunate buddies. The stage for Jimmy Bowl I was the world-class magnificent Cowboys Stadium just 5 days after the Super Bowl was played on this very field. The fading emblems of the Lombardi Trophy on the 35-yd line and the Steelers logo in the endzone was the very turf these selected flag-football teams got to score touchdowns on.

In additional to the former Super Bowl winning coach giving both teams a few football pointers, both teams also received a pre-game inspirational pep talk from the legend himself. In the end, the game was lop-sided in score, but not in effort or enjoyment. The Huc-a-Poo Salt Island Sand Spurs from small Tybee Island (Georgia) used their superior team-speed to garner a decisive victory over Team America. The final tally was 31-12.

After the game, Coach Johnson offered up a post-game inspirational speech with both squads present, took a few photos with the players on the field, and then Coach Johnson-standing near the 50 on the very field where the current Cowboys strap it on-joined the media for an open-formatted press conference that was wonderfully memorable. It was special knowing that there were only 4 reporters and a few cameramen along with the king of Port Arthur Texas, James William Johnson.

I want to share a little more insight: coach Johnson, as you can predict is accustomed to holding interviews and fielding questions in rooms filled with hundreds of “quote-hungry” reporters. Coach Johnson was slightly under the weather and as usual was trying to catch a fast-approaching departure flight to the Florida Keys, yet he displayed nothing other than the utmost professionalism to our small, elated band of reporters. This was not the NFC Championship Game. The trophy awarded was not the George Halas Trophy. [Jimmy Johnson has two of these trophies if you were wondering.] No, this is the type of event that most news agencies will send their 24-year rookie reporter to type out a two-paragraph story found in Notes on page 3E. Think again: the media in attendance were primarily a group of seasoned, veteran 40-something-year-old experienced reporters who were doing their jobs while acting like little kids in a candy store, as their yesteryear hero, Coach Jimmy, had them laughing and smiling-hooked on his every syllable. Two of the four reporters interviewing Jimmy were Randy Maltz and Nicco Martinez from (I still can’t get the smile off my face.)

Don’t think that Jimmy has lost a step, because he was witty and crisp in anecdote and expound, where the coach answered questions ranging from the recently played Super Bowl, thoughts on the Super Bowl returning to Cowboys Stadium, his coaching influences, how far the Dallas Cowboys are from the Green Bay Packers with respect to talent, as well as Jason Garrett and Rob Ryan, and so much more.

In winning, the Sand Spurs were awarded the first ever Crown Royal Jimmy Bowl trophy. “Crown Royal treated us like royalty,” said Sand Spur Eric Thomas, owner of HUC-a-POO’S, a bar-and-grill on Tybee Island.

The Salt Island Sand Spurs quintet is Travis R Isreal, Paxton Willis, Ryan Sadowsky, Danny Rapposelli, and Thomas. Thomas filmed the video that acquired a spot in the game. The video featured Willis performing a song and the others celebrating touchdowns in the background.

Thomas’ take on Jimmy Johnson was that “he was a nice guy, as pleasant and helpful as any guy I’ve ever met.”

The other selected competitor in Jimmy Bowl I, Team America, is a group of friends who are military men stationed across the US. Team America is Patrick Cannon, Luke O’Neil, Tony Inglis, Shimshan Welch, and Matthew Ollar.

In addition to Jimmy Johnson standing on the sidelines and cheering throughout the whole contest, Crown Royal treated the two teams to stadium tours, multiple meals, and a party, but best of all were the pre- and post-game pep talks and fraternizing with Mr. “How-Bout-Them-Cowboys” himself.

The events “lasted into the wee hours of the night,” said Thomas, “[Crown Royal] went all out for us.”

Nicco’s Verdict: TWO GIANT THUMBS UP. Gracias coach Jimmy Johnson for allowing me, one of your most over-the-top greatest fans of your days in Silver and Blue, to share a moment with one of my most genuine and admired heroes.


Jimmy Johnson – 1992 Dallas Cowboys

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